Technorati WHAT ping post?

OK, this emotional adventure is becoming quite amusing to me. Rather than getting upset I will LAUGH :) Bahahahahahaha! At this new escapade I’m endevouring to understand or at least implement.

What is understanding though? To understand something one must first be stimulated through one or more of their five senses in order for it to be recognized by the brain. In college in 1992 at the NBCCD instructors told us that a person only remembers a logo once it has been seen seven times. The same could go for anything I suppose. Once you recognize the logo, smell or sound it becomes a memory. That memory thus has feelings associated with it. Hmmm. Advertisements play on those feelings. They shock you, love you or scare you into supporting, buying and using there service or product.

So in essence Technorati What ping post is my way of advertising to you. Get it? I don’t yet.

Have a look for yourself! I’m in there. Somewhere!

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