So, in the beginning there was a bang and it blasted all into existance. This bang made it’s way through time and landed in the Waves Café on Main St. Bang boom went I and thus this bang boomeranged and hasn’t quite landed again.

I landed a gig today. I met the programmer guy and he has work for me to start today. I’m off to Accupunture and then to see Doctor B, both at Location one.

This new reality has not set in for me who until just before noon today only had 2 weeks worth of E.I. left and no job.

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3 thoughts on “Working”

  1. it was funny that another person has my same name and spelled the same way i had to read about you and get to know you please keep doing what your doing its very interesting/v

  2. Hi – Yes that is cool that you have the same name. My name is, actually Jessica and my nickname is Vanesica. I began using Vanesica online when I moved to Vancouver BC, Canada. It essentially is a combination of Vancouver plus Jessica. But it’s stuck to me for three years now :) I also Use EastVanEsica ’cause I live in East Vancouver.

    Glad to hear you both think my site is interesting. Cheers!

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