Late night ideas to be answered tomorrow

The answers for the following questions can be found here.

  1. soul.pngDo I need [tag]Google Adsence[/tag]?
  2. Do I need Amazon?
  3. Do I need this theme or that one?
  4. Do I need to make [tag]money[/tag]?
  5. How much money do I need to make?
  6. Can I make money solely through this website?
  7. Do I need [tag]widgets[/tag]?
  8. Who do I need to please?
  9. Does it matter?
  10. Do I leave a footprint?
  11. Is RSS all there is?
  12. Will I figure out how to use Ultimate Tag warrior?
  13. Do I need to slow down on my Valium taper?
  14. Do I need to belong?
  15. What do I belong to?
  16. Where is the beginning if there is no end?
  17. Is the number 1.618 divine?
  18. Do I publish my writings?
  19. Do I publish my drawings?
  20. Do I need to work 9 to 5?
  21. Do I understand?
  22. Do you?
  23. Could I have a raffle draw for my [tag]artwork[/tag]?
  24. Is the CBT class I’m in worth it?
  25. Do I need a gallery?
  26. Do I love?
  27. Do I hate?
  28. Do I need your approval?
  29. Drugs, [tag]drugs[/tag], drugs, which are good… which are bad?
  30. Am I?

I’ll answer the last question first. Yes I am. I am is the shortest sentence in the english language. I suppose Am I? would be the shortest question in the english language. Just did a google search and seems Go is in competition with I am for the shortest sentence in the english language. Go figure?

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