Image gallery dilema

Given the vast choice of image gallery software available for WordPress to choose from, it must be said that thay are not all created equal. I had orginally installed the Lazyest Gallery plugin for [tag]Wordpress[/tag] but it had been lacking an upload function inline so I uninstalled it. The next image gallery I had installed for me for barter of services was Gallery2 software. [tag]Gallery2[/tag] intstalled with the WPG2 plugin for WordPress is quite advanced as far as image galleries go. This advancedness is the reason I originally had not installed it.

I have spent the last week attempting to do three simple things; upload a picture, create an album and choose a theme to match my site. These are basic functions as far as image galleries go. Not being able to do these three steps or find any answers in the documentation to my problems has left me tired and anxious.

My good friend Darren installed it for me and to his credit he did a great job. I’m grateful for his efforts. The simple fact remains though; a week has passed and I have not been able to peel the skin of this fruit. I can’t plant any seeds through no fault of anyone else. I have deactivated the plugin for now, commented out some code and left the software install as is.

Over the next couple of days I will attempt the installation of Zenphoto software. There exists now a plugin for WordPress called Zenpress and it’s development has picked up speed over the past week. [tag]Zenphoto[/tag] looks to be simple and elegant. It also has a theme designed by the man who designed the current theme for my website, fauna. How much more could I ask for than that?

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