Garden Cloves and More

Over the past week the Deck Garden is growing into it’s own.

  1. Chives
  2. Sage, lavender, oreagano, roses and dalias
  3. Japanese Maple
  4. Tomatoes and marigolds


East View Garden

Japanese Maple

tomatoes and marigolds early may 2006

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3 thoughts on “Garden Cloves and More

  1. You should grow some tomatos! Thats if you like them… I find there the only type of vegitable that actuley tastes a lot diffrent when you grow it yourself….

  2. Certainly…….Words of Wisdom

    “It’s kind of sad sometimes that sometimes we are always the last to know the secret about our ownselves.”

    by Jessica Doyle

  3. Hey lou… yes it is sad but when you realize what the secret is then you understand more about yourlelf in relation to who you really are. I think this comment was meant for my last post… not this one. I do not have the technical no how on how to move it to there.

    And Andy the last pic is actually of tomatoes and marigolds… they are only a few weeks old. I’ll post more pics as they grow. Oh you are right when you say that home grown food tastes better :) Yum!

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