Tomorrow’s Weight

I did it.

As many of you know I’ve been battling a sort of Pepsi addiction over the past few monthes. It has got to a point where I am drinking upwards of 12 plus cans a day. Today, however marks the first day I have not had any Pepsi. I have a feeling just cutting out the soda pop will have a positive effect on my waistline.

I joined a list of dieters this evening after getting back from my walk. Tomorrow I will be posting my weight, height, BMI and yes the dreaded measurements. What better way to lose weight than go public with it. Every week on Tuesday everyone involved will be posting their progress and tips on their respective websites. Even if you are not looking to lose weight but would like to support us please join the list. You can also read Colin D. Devroe’s original post on the Diet!

Good luck to everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Weight

  1. Hi Jessica!
    Hey, thanks for the visit!
    And yayyy! I’m so glad to see more girls join the list!
    It helps to see more girls get involved too ya know?
    Augh… do we have to post our measurements? I didn’t know that! haha Ohhh pooey! Ok. No biggie. I’ll do it. It’ll give me more motivation to work harder on burnin’ that stinkin’ fat! haha

    Oh and about soda. I gave up Soda as my New Year’s resolution this year. I gave it up completely. I mean, given that I didn’t drink that much, it was starting to become an “almost” every day thing . And I knew it was bad for me. But I quit.I’m clean to this day! haha You can do it! I saw somewhere a tip on how to slowly wean yourself off soda. But I lost the link. Darn! I would have given it to you. If I come across it again, I’ll send it to ya ok?

    Good Luck! You can do this!

  2. I’m gald to see another female too in the group 😉 Yeah the soda – congrats about giving it up! I’m hoping too. Today so far is the longest I’ve gone without having a Pepsi. Wahoo.

    I’m going to add you to my blog links.

    I’m posting my measurments for mere MOTIVATION cause i know what they were when i was 30. I’m now 32 and they are kind of scary.

    Good luck to you too!

  3. I did get the message :) I have it set up so I approve the first one written by someone new to my site. Any comments you leave here afterwards will show up upon a page refresh.


  4. Found my way here via Blogher….I’m a complete Pepsi addict. Well, I was. I’m down to one diet Pepsi every three or four days. It was hard. Wish I could put the cigarettes down too although I’m down to 5 or so a day. Well, on good days. Nice to meet you.

  5. Hi Terri
    Yeah I’m battling the pepsi thing. My doctor had suggested trying to migrate over to Diet Pepsi. However I’m not a big fan of Apsartame. I think the best thing for me to do would just be to taper off of it. Congrats on being down to one every 4 or five days – Nice! The quitting smoking will come next for me once the pepsi is gone. I’ve quit twice before and can do it again.

    Hi Colin
    Thanks for adding me to the list. I hope everyone does ok also :)

  6. An ice cold Pepsi with lime tastes so good. I had this problem too. I wasn’t drinking that many cans, but I don’t deny it. Right now, I drink water and tea most of all. I might have a soda pop once every few months, but not any more.

    Why? well in my relationship I do all the cooking, so it’s natural for me to go health wise. Actually, I stopped eating rice and pasta as well as bread a while ago last year too.

    Also I found that after drinking soft drinks I got more thirsty, which kind of beats the point.

    Congrats for kicking the habit.

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