My Computer has Tinnitus

Tinnitus has to be up there as being ranked one of the most annoying non lethal afflictions to affect human beings. When all is silent there is but one little screachy sound within your being and it is aptly named tinnitus. It’s kind of like the sound of scratching fungernails running across a chalkboard except quieter and higher pitched. It is also reminiscent of the sound I would hear while trying to fall asleep after clubbing. Someone told me long ago that that sound was the sound of a dieing note from your hearing. Whether that is true or not I began to wear earplugs sometimes when out dancing to soften the sound of deafening beats. Loud music does damage the eardrum but whether the sound you are hearing is a pitch you will never hear again?

I don’t know.

My computer today decided to begin making that earringing noise. I don’t particularly know what is worse; to hear it in my own ears or to hear it eminating from my computer digitally occasionally. I’m winding down on my Valium taper. Combine that with taking Paxil and together they create a full on orchestral ensemble in the midst of my being when all is quiet. I have to laugh because one of the treatments for tinnitus is white noise. How funny was it when I discovered while browsing through London Drugs that if I stood beside the dairy cooler my facial muscles calmed and miraculously the ringing disapeared from within my ears only to reapear when I left the vicinity of the humming cooler :)

Everyone learns to live with little oddities about themselves. I wonder though why every so often my computer decides to weeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeee.

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4 thoughts on “My Computer has Tinnitus

  1. OMG, scratching fingernails across a chalkboard?! Yuck! I can’t stand that noise. LOL
    That is one noise I can’t stand.
    I also can’t stand cotton balls. That feeling you get when you touch them?
    ewww… lol

    ps. You’ve been tagged! [check out my blog to find out about what]

  2. My dad has this, he hates anything loud and I seem to like EVERYTHING loud. haha

    He got it because he works in an aircraft bay all day

  3. Whoah Andy that would be loud in an aircraft bay. I like quiet. I’ve been sleeping with earplugs for 15 years now.


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