The Same Name Game – Part 2 – Name Tags and Worth

Hello - My tag is: =^.^= JESSICA =^.^=This is the second post of three in the series the Same Name Game. The First post Same Name Game – Discovery can be read here.

Tag tag everywhere a tag
Marking up the internet, clouding my mind
Tag this, don’t tag that, can’t you click the line

I am just beginning to understand the phenomina of tagging and their apparent value on the web. Tags are more organic than links. They are similar to the way our minds order things through word association alone. My tags are working on this site as of last week for the most part. Beneath every post on this website there are tags (words or short phrases) associated with what the post is about. Tags are similar to a category, however they are not as general but post specific. For instance I have a Categorey named Addiction. Every post within the Addiction Category relates to addiction. I may tag an individual post within the Addiction Category with words such as withdrawal, sobriety, drug, drinking, insight, friends and/or art dependant upon relevance to the post.

I added the tag =^.^= JESSICA =^.^= to the Tags Page on their Free Page Tags 2. Scroll down, down, all the way down to the bottom right hand corner and you will see it. Click it and you will be directed back here to me. Try it! What better advertising than promoting the name Jessica with a cat face on either side for free. Meow!

After reading on Weblog Tools Collection about a simple way to check your domain name’s worth I had to try it myself. The first worthiness test comes from Leapfish. Simply type in your domain name and it will return both a base value and an estimated actual value of your blog or website, based on content and serach engine rankings. The second worthiness test is an applet created by the Business Opportunites Weblog. Type in your URL and it will generate a result based on Technorati link results. To my surprise, is worth $8,894 and $11,854 respectively. The results produced by both sites are very similar even though their calculatory algorythm is different.

Well, this ends the second post in the Series Same Name Game. Next week – The Same Game – Part 3 – AI

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One thought on “The Same Name Game – Part 2 – Name Tags and Worth

  1. *hehe*
    Hello! My name is “Ana’!
    And my blog is worth:
    Estimated Base Value: $132.00
    Estimated Actual Value: $2,904.00

    Well… I could get a mac with that money… so eh! Better than nothing.

    I think tags are cool. That’s why I use them.
    But I don’t know that I use them correctly. LOL

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