Feeling is not Knowing

What if you are doing all you can? What if there is this loop, a circle that had a small opening to step into. You somehow wound up stepping into to it essentially closing the small opening. You are rolling along now. The circle travels all around. Then something odd happens – the circle after visiting everything begins to repeat itself. The first few times around are nice because they feel familiar and the circle takes comfort in this. On the seventh or eigth time looping around, the circle develops anxiety. All it knows is always the same and it misses the little gap that allowed for new intriguing ideas to form in.

There comes a time when all your ideas either have to be laid to rest or acted upon. If you lay them to rest for too long you will find that in time those unexecuted ideas will eventually come full circle needing attention again.

My life has come full circle. I am asking the same questions, repeating learned patterns unable to fully grasp my intention over fear. My intention is honorable, however feeling what to do is not akin to knowing how to do it.

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