Expect the Unexpected

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Today Jessicadoyle.ca is featured on the Blog Herald in their How I Blog series. Here is the direct link to my entry submission. Thank you Blog Herald!

For any of you who are unfamiliar with the Blog Herald it is akin to getting your story published in the Vancouver Sun. The more I write and create the more I feel secure in what I’m doing. This domain, my website is a kind of therapy for me. I am learning that I am not alone in my ideas and concepts. There are others like me out there unafraid to write, what truly happens or has happened in their life. Cheers!

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3 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. Hey girl!
    Congrats! I had never heard of “Blog Herald”
    Thanks for sharing.
    My blog is my therapy too. And no, you’re not alone.


  2. Submit to them about why you blog Ana… they are still accepting submissions I believe.

    It feels good to not be alone… hugs to you too :)

  3. Great work Jessica, I really enjoy reading the entries on your page and wish to congatulate you on being featured on the blogherald.com.
    I enjoy the opportunity to jump into the mind of Jessica Doyle and find it refreshing to be able to relate to alot of her subject matter. Being a recovering addict I realize how hard it can be to understand oneself and I admire her ability to express herself accurately and be so open about her feelings. What an inspiration!

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