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Jessica Doyle - Emotion Creator banner

I created this banner for Blogmad for self promotion. Blogmad is a strange little surfing, credit earning advertising blog promotion site. Have a look at it. You can link to it in my sidebar down at the bottom where all the little “where I belong to” buttons are. Woot!

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6 thoughts on “Banner Creation

  1. Hello Jessica,

    wouldn’t your trackbacks not appearing just because of the theme you’re using? perhaps it hasn’t put the calls there or something like that? would it?

    Hey what that Blogmad suppose to do? I got there and just saw a list of posts or something like that…and didn’t understand a sh*t

  2. Hans – What are the calls for trackbacks to appear? I had the same problem with the last theme I was using.

    Blogmad is a blog traffic generator in a way. For every blog you surf it sends a blogger your way. It was a great way to see some blogs that are out there. I no longer surf with them simply because I have found many sites I like and some that I even added to my links list that I currently stay in touch with. It is another way to meet like-minds I suppose. I may return to using blogmad in the future just to discover new blogs again.

    Thanks for stopping by Hans.

  3. It’s a pleasure indeed to have discovered your blog.

    I downloaded the theme you’re using and checked the comment’s PHP file and found that there’s trackback display included within the theme.

    Have you modified the comment’s php file somehow?

    btw don’t you have something like subscribe to comments so that you know when someone responded to you?

    I tried the blogmad but didn’t find any interesting blogs ;(…….

  4. No modifications on this theme or the last one in the comments PHP. I’ll wait and see and let it be for a little bit.

    I found I was browsing way to many blogs after joining blogmad and not getting any work done. đŸ˜‰

    Glad you like my blog. Thank you Hans.

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