Waking Up

Maybe a wake up call to my soul would put me back on track. I have to laugh for I don’t know what track to run on. Ha! Do you ever hysterically laugh when no one else is laughing? I do. Do you ever get angry when no one else is upset? I do. In between and all around me is beauty beyond compare. But why do I need to compare it in the first place? Was I tought to compare? Was I tought not to accept things the way they are?

Of late there has been a little girl inside my head. She wanders around touching things. She touched a blog. She types at her blog. She loves her blog. She is happy blogging although the word blog itself is rather kind of like a google or a whoppie do dah. She feels a part of something much larger than herself.

Sometimes she just wants to be fascinated with everything and not overwhlemed by everything.

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2 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. Ah Jess, you’re soooo not alone. Every creature on this planet asks themselves these questions. The bright ones ask more than once; I consider you to be exceptionally bright.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve found comfort in the realization that there are no answers. It’s the process that is the point. Most often if there were answers we’re never really ready for them.

    There’s great peace in simply sitting back and seeing the beauty, accepting and being accepted. Understanding is not something external that is given to you in the form of an answer. It’s internal, it washes over you and brings light to all those dark places.

    See the world from their perspective, it all has a reason. Maybe not one you understand or condone but a reason nonetheless. I truly believe that is as close as you’re ever going to get to an answer to those daily questions.

    I know it’s in you… stop being a “why monster” and become more of the “love monster” that I know you are.

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