Fascinated through sensual observation

Recent picture of me ;)For a few days now, I have been observing life rather than a creating it. I am living. I am happy just taking time to observe, listen, smell, touch and feel all that is around me and within me.

This week is a transitional week for me from that of patient to participant. My time at Daytox and Dual Diagnosis has come to an end. It has been two weeks since finishing my Diazapam taper. I went to see my councillor one last time for an hour. I attended the Benzodiazapine support group for the last time. I’ve shed a skin of sorts. Do I consider myself cured? Saying cured seems so harsh; it is an ultimatum of sorts. Let’s say Jessica Doyle is in remission of addiction to sedatives as she is in remission to Crohn’s Disease. To say something is forever or that it will never happen again is setting the stage for it too, occur again. Some of you may disagree with this saying the only was to cure addiction is to abstain from all drugs and alchahol. I disagree. Am I going to run out and begin popping pills and dosing myself up to function… Hell no! Just like I didn’t eat popcorn after my surgery in ’98 for Crohn’s. LOL!

Environment, situation and choice lead me down the path of addiction. Only through changing those choices will I remain sober on a daily basis. I do not plan to re-enter the design world; no communications, advertising or jingles to get you to buy this or wear that will I write for while. I simply do not like it. I do not want to ad to the bloated steriotypical billboard ridden stinking commercialized landscape anymore. Is there a but? Well certainly there is. Freelance is cool. I get to say yes or no and the clients are of my own choosing.

I want to create artwork. I want to be fascinated through sensual observation and then, put to paper with pen.

The world does not need more ads. Check out Adbusters… they’ve got the right idea. I wouldn’t mind producing some art for them. Their magazine stirs the imagination, provoking the reader to digest current issues and events happening in our world in a natural, uncensored, creative way. Many of you may get grossed out or even think that it isn’t real. Look again. It is. The best thing – they are located in my backyard, here in Vancouver. Are you a disgruntled talented ehtical designer tired of creating Walmart junk mail. I am.

My resume / contact page will be being adjusted accordingly. That is to say if ya want the resume you can download the PDF. The existing page will be an about page with a little-itty-bitty link at the bottom for the normal run-of-the-mill resume you can click to download.

I am also on the hunt for a part time job. I am great with plants and enjoy physical movement. A gardening job sounds great to me or, working at a non-profit agency somewhere in this urban landscape I call home đŸ˜‰

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  1. Thanks lash505.

    Yeah pills can be tough to give up because they are so easy to ingest. Hence the term popping pills. I only take tylenol or ibuprofen now.

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