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How much more beautiful can Vancouver be than in the summer? Vancouver is renouned for being one of the mildest places to live in within Canada having warmer winters than most major cities such as Toronto or Montreal. The gorgeous summers here just make up for the dismal winters of grey, rain and more rain.

Lettuce up close and personalSageFusia and PansiesLeavesThe unkown flowerLeek Blossoms

This past weekend marked the beginning of summer for me. My senses feel alive! My garden is growing taking on a life all it’s own. And what better way to mark summer than to go swimming. Eric and I travelled to Sasamat Lake on Saturday to swim in the everclear water. I had never been their before. If you have kids this is the beach for you. If you are a teenager this is the beach for you. For anybody in their mid-twenties to late thirties without children I would recommend going elsewhere if you are looking for quiet. Other than the noise the scenery was beautiful and the water refreshing to swim in. The lake itself is surrounded by mountains, has two main beaches and docks placed all around it for you to walk on, swim or jump off of into the water.

IMGA0704untitled sunsetSnow PeasIMGA0735IMGA0736Asian Lilies and yellow dalias

Yesterday I spent the day on the deck pruning, tending, feeding and watering the garden. It’s amazing what four days of sun will do, for a container gardening growth. Whoah! Gone is the mould that was harassing the roses, fusias, marigolds and dalias. I uploaded close to 30 pictures I snapped yesterday as the sun set over vancouver. It still takes my breath away, to think that this is where I call home. I feel as though I live in a cottage perched high in the mountains surrounded by edibles, flowers and forest. Click on any of the photos above and you will be directed to the garden album. Enjoy :)

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