Monthly Archives: June 2006

An Art Abstract

Who needs drugs when you have photoshop. This is my friend Chester on the right and myself on the left. He sent me an email with these pics attached at the end of the message. I emailed him back with some pics of my own. Anyone care to guess what we were talking about? LOL! Man, I laughed so hard the other night because of the pics he sent me and the ones I later created to send him.


If you have any distorted pics of yourself please feel free to send them to me. I’ll post 6 at a time to create another art absract.


The Weigh In!

This is a late post however it’s got motion in the form of hula hooping at dusk! Can’t weigh myself and did not take my measurements this week. In lieu of the measurments I put together a little film of photos of myself and Eric hula hooping last night on our deck to prove we are active. Also check out my recent garden updates and previous weigh in posts. Hope everyone else is doing well with The Diet!

Jessica and Eric – Hula Hooping – June 12, 2006.

Enjoy the stop motion movie!

Gardening in the Rain

This post is a test to see if my Zenhoto gallery software is working propery. It is also an update to how the deck garden is growing. It’s been raining here quite a bit, making for great vegitable and herb growing, however our flowers are not blooming. If they do happen to bloom the bloom becomes waterlogged and falls off rapidly. Overall though it’s just fun to play in the dirt and have something grow from it. Click on an image and it will take you to the gallery… hopefully it it works. Please let me know if it is malfunctioning.