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What do spammers actually get from spamming – ooowooooho lets go spamming

Is it the same as ooowooooho lets go dancing


ooowooooho lets go spam blogs with email tonight honey. Let’s go see how many people we can trick who live in other parts of the world. Ohhh Fred that sounds wonderful. Spam spam everywhere spam blocking out the genuine comments left behind.
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Story of the Murdered Cockroach

Page 1 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica Doyle…and she realized that it was only a visual halucination caused by the acid she had ingested the day before. She came to glancing beside her then down as a cockroach promptly entered the room from underneath the door where her head had just been. Moving her hand to the floor pushing her body into an upright position she looks to the person on the bed. The remnants of the illusion disapear along with the cockroach. Blinking she removes her coat. She steps up standing now. The bed sits untouched. Shrouded in darkness she strips naked.

Was the cockroach real; or just another late night after effect of too many drugs taken for too many days. She whispers I need to sleep and not on the floor this time fearing another cockroach could actually burrow it’s way into her ear. Stepping into bed, pulling the covers over her head she smiles giggling, remembering her first awkward encounter with a female German cockroach… and how she, in haste, recorded the event as it took place one night back in late December 2005 while watching an artists documentary on PBS.

Page 2 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica DoylePage 3 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica DoylePage 4 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica DoylePage 5 - The (true) story of the Murdered Cockroach - Jessica Doyle

Note This was a creative story meme I accepted from flic. Thanks Dude!

This is what it is like to have an anxiety induced phobia come on all because of a little murdered cockroach ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL. The images I scanned in at real life dimensions for legibility. They are, however a little large once you click on them. Please be patient.

In the spirit of learning meme I tag Bonita In Pink. Thank sweety for being the first one to initially tag me with a meme a couple of months ago. I didn’t know what it was. I had to do some research. I now understand. I’ll also accept your meme now.

The weekly weigh-in with my alter ego Vanesica

Vanesica - vector rendering - Jessica DoyleThis conversation is between my online/offline self.

Vanesica “How is your diet going?”
Jessica “Who the hell are you?”
Vanesica “I am but one half of you”
Jessica “Can I throw you away then?”

In order of appearance - Jessica, Eric, Tomoko, Ian, Chester and Junko

This week has been a great one for enjoying the great outdoors in Vancouver.

Friday I spent out at Tomoko and Ian’s place. They have cows, two adult goats whom fell in love and had a baby to make three, one collie (nick named Ribs) who ridiculously herds the three goats at all times, and a brand new little kitten. So much fun! They have an adult sized wading pool where we spent much of our time swimming around in to stay cool. They also garden as Eric and I do except they plant directly in the ground where we garden in containers simply because, we are four floors up. Between eating rotisserie BBQ chicken, painting our toe-nails, laughing at the men’s fascination (addiction) to Magic The Gathering (at least they actually play the card game and don’t just buy them, open them up and then put them away as others do) and wandering around the property; it was, an awesome evening/night. Tomoko looks beautiful with her little belly. She is four monthes along now. When Eric and I arrived home I had an email in my inbox from Chester


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Pole Dancing Sexy Cousin

My cousin Chritine Boyer from Aradia Fitness - Got love our irish heritage

Check out Aradia Fitness. Aradia is fast becoming a leader in fitness training across Canada with locations in most major cities. What began as an idea with a pole in the centre of a living room in Kits has blossomed into something wonderful. My cousin Christine Boyer and her long time friend and business partner Tracy Gray own and operate Aradia. Aradia will be opening soon a location in Washington, USA. Look out for North American domination as these two women teach other women to empower themselves both physically and emotionally. I love and am proud of you Christine! xo

Go and Meet Your Sexy side!

Have you ever STOPPED

…just stopped. Began entering someone elses world. Really in fact though just another variety of your world. Branded, alternatively named. It’s just the name you know given by man to ideas, places and things. Until something is given a name do we not communicate with other human beings; anything รขโ‚ฌโ€œ that, is unamed. So now you are stopped. Having no communcation. You can not even fathom a reason to contiue on and BOOM. It’s all gone.