eeeeek LEEKS

Perhaps in the not so distant future modern man will come to appreciate all mother nature has to offer. What you see in these pictures are edible. They are the offspring of the Leek (Allium porrum), a member of the Liliaceae family or the disputed Alliaceae tribe.

eek beautiful leek flower

Onion with a mission to reproduce

Unaware that leeks produced flowers during their second season in the ground I had thought perhaps they could.

Two years earlier I had left a few onions in the ground over winter. The following year the they began to shoot up flowers in a most striking cylindrical way. When autumn began to take hold. I decided to collect the seeds from the flowering onions for this years planting. GOOD god I’m growing onions from seed in a container. I left some leeks in the ground last summer guessing that they would also produce a flower this summer. Eeeeeek the leeks are reproducing and the bumble bees enjoy having sex with them. Each little edible flower produces four little black seeds after the flower dies. Before it’s death the little flower buds are a tasty toss-in added to soup or salad.

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