one password for each user of the internet

It could be called the passwiki

pronounced pwah-suiky

Anyuser of the internet can register just one password to use for everything on the internet. It could work somthing like a bankcard. No one knows.

But then again why do we need to protect ourselves from those we have not met in person. Why not just live. Be transparent. The only reason we all hesitate is simply money. The only reason we hesitate to have sex is fear. The only reason we hesitate to touch is because our eyes are beyond the development of our other senses. When we begin to touch, using our other senses, we become closer to one another. Rather than using your eyes to look, use them to stimulate your other senses. Eat while you read. write about what you eat. Let someone else read it – see it or even fucking hear it! Life is about choice. When the senses become equal we will no longer be one in physical form. The internet is a part of an evolutionary process for all species. We all, will die out; become extinct only living in energy as memory.

life=energy=knowing=answer to the question of our existance. We are a memory. There is no past nor any future. We just are and that, is all, there is.

We are a recycling memory. We are the same; just doing what energy does.

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6 thoughts on “one password for each user of the internet

  1. Glad to hear thier are people working on this albeit like you said it may not be so for another decade. It is something much needed for the internet. I think I have close to 50 different passwords now. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by Darren.

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