Ha ha. Ah 25peeps

Update – Sadly, 25peeps no longer exists on the internet.

About two months ago I submitted my link and photo to 25peeps.com. MMMMMmmmm ah yeah. So, now the rest is up to you 😉


Update Lasted 8 days! My peep currently stands at 84 in their Hall of Fame 😉

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12 thoughts on “Ha ha. Ah 25peeps

  1. I peeped ya, I peeped ya! I like this picture of you. It looks very outdoorsy and like either the sun is hurting your eyes or you’ve got a secret that nobody is ever going to get out of you…

  2. Bonita – When you get on if you do again I will peep you.

    Marcheline – he he… secret(s) soon enough though they will all be braught to light on this site. It was a bright day in the park that day 😉

    Aaron – :) that is me, in April 2006.

    Flatgreg and HP101 – thanks. The pic was taken in April while hiking through Light House Park in West Vancouver, BC.

  3. Jess, I want to welcome you to the land of 25 Peeps. I have been involved with 25 Peeps since 1981 way before the Internet was ever created.

    The fact that I’m still involved obviously tells you that I am the shit.

  4. Pauly D – so you are the shit? That makes me Ms. Poop… as my brother aptly stated day after day while growing up.

    He even flavoured it up a bit to include:
    Ms. Poopsie
    Ms. Pooper
    Snot nosed piece of poop
    Queen of poop

    Gotta hand it to my bother. He had a way with words.

    By the way I peeped you too 😀 and in 1981 I had only been pooping for 8 years.

  5. Good evening Jessica, it’s Soren from downstairs….Im just chillin, making a beat…The question of the night is-do I go to sev and get a bag of salt and vinegar chips? or I do I fall asleep hungry? The later would be a wise descision, but will the wise one with in me prevail tonight? I’m not so sure at this point……I’ll let you know how this drama unfolds tomorrow….. I like your website, its got a lot of soul!
    You now have my email, so hit me up with an email or add me to your msn….
    In till then

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