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Debugging the quote

##NOLIGHTBOX##Quote of the day - Grace Murray HopperMy mother sent this quote to me today via email. Today of all days the words have meaning to me. Maybe they do to you too?

Did a little bit of research into who Grace Murray Hopper is/was and found she has her own page on wiki. Be sure to take a look at the first computer bug ever found in a computer! She discovered and aptly named this phenomenon. Anyone, who has ever had to debug their computer will surely get a laugh from this. Cheers all!


In relationship to what

In relationship to what? - Jessica DoyleToday sadness aurrounds my aura. Never before have I had the ability to communicate with so many people. It can be overwhelming at times to the senses. And in so saying that I have come to believe that we are all more alike on this planet than many do not acknowledge or simply do not understand.

During the past couple of days I have become witness to atrocities beyond my understanding. No, perhaps that isn’t the right way to write it. These attrocites are so inhuman that all I can do is pray.

I write, read, watch, listen and touch all that surrounds me. Now this surrounding physical landscape has evolved into a digital realtime landscape of interaction. However I cannot touch it physically; only through words, paintings, comments and possibly sound and video in the near future can make contact through. I have this site. It is but one piece of a much larger discussion going on in the blogosphere. I honestly can say I love doing what I do right now, even when things become too much for my pschi to handle. When it becomes to much I have learned to react instinctively, emotionally and honestly.

Maybe I just need a hug?

Physical contact seems a rarity for me lately. I don’t travel to downtown Van anymore. It has become a wasteland of all that is new and shiny and costs money. I don’t have much money. My account reads $6.43. I’m a little bit scared. This is what I want to do. I want to write on this blog. I would love to contribute to another blog. I wish someone could sponsor my blog or make prints of my artwork to sell. I am asking for help please?

Do you ever step outside your own boundaries? Do you ever challenge yourself? This is what I am doing. Some may call this agoraphobia. I think a lot of it though has to do with money. When you earn no money people seem to not to respect what you do in some way. They ask you “What are you going to with your life?” “You need to find work!” “You need an income!” FUCK!

I’m not in this for the money. Believe me. But in this world having a voice means sometimes not being heard. And when you are not heard no money seems to flow. And when no money seems to flow the physical world becomes smaller and smaller.

I do the best I can in realationship to what I do.

I don’t have money but I do have art, stuff and some talent all rolled into to quote Mike: my own very bizarro world. This post may seem odd to those who just stepped in here. I ask you to go and read what has been posted over at this blog. Click on bizzaro world and it will direct you to the proper post. All this discussion all began here from this post on my blog.

I look forward to meeting these dudes at WordPress Camp as long as I can somehow get to San Francisco. It will be nice to talk with the developpers, programmers, writers, creators and artists and hopefully colaborate on creating and learning from eachother.

Chartreuse, chartreuse

And it shines through - jessica doyle

Well it had to come. A thank you, long at last.
You mix it up and put it out.
for things to come and things of past.

Oh chartreuse, oh chartreuse
you understand this trivial time
of brain’s overtime, with
the flatulency of mime… hm hm man.

Your most recent post
said it best.

Reason is not divine.
Insanity is, creation.

Cheers to you, long at last
You’ve made my cast

Straw, marigolds and dahlia

Straw - Marigold - Dahlia - container garden - JessicaThese are recent pics of some of the warm hued flowers from the container garden including the straw flower, marigolds and dahlia’s(from left to right above). Over the last couple of weeks the flowers are catching up in growth to the edibles. Did you know that many flowers are edible, however they may not be palatable to your liking? The marigold (tagetes) in the picture is edible. I have not tasted the marigold yet. I do eat pansies though, tossed (five per serving) into salad. They are just so damned pretty, fragrant and just plain taste good.

You can view the whole garden here.

How to Amputate and Lose Weight

While taking some pics of myself to post for The Diet I inadvertantly took one, where my right hand seems to have, mysteriously disapeared. I looked “oh, I can’t use that one”. Then I glanced again and thought why not. This picture has not been photoshopped or blurred on purpose. I simply had placed my hand on my waist resulting in a photo of an amputated woman. Ha! What better way to lose weight than to amputate yourself. đŸ˜‰

bust – 37.5″ (beginning bust – 39″)
waist – 32″ (beginning waist – 33.5″)
bum – 41″ (beginning bum – 42.5″)

As I have mentioned before I do not own a scale. I cannot weigh myself. I have lost though a total of 4.5 inches. Nice!

Fitness wise I am a container gardener on my deck, a walker and hula hooper.

The largest impact however has been in adjusting not what I eat but how and when I eat it. I visited the local nutritionist two weeks ago at my doc’s office. The appointment caused some written reflection on how to fit a square into a circle. The post is aptly named so.

Today, two weeks later having been following the recommendations made by the nutritionist I’m feeling well, pretty damn good. Instead of eating everything at once (breakfast, lunch) at suppertime she recommended I spread it out throughout the day. I no longer eat at 6:00pm for the firt time. I have set a rule to eat something nutritious within an hour of waking rather than at, up to 8 hours after waking and surviving on Pepsi alone. The sugar kept my brain going however my metabolism thought it was still sleeping and held on to the food it got later when I would go to sleep. I wasn’t waking my metabolism up by feeding it. Good god! I am also drinking about 8 cups of water a day now. Continue reading

Do you hear the bombs. Do you hear the carnage. This is really happening. BANG!

If every blogger posts something about Lebanon perhaps for the first time in history the voices of the majority of the world could be HEARD! This is real. These are human beings. They are our brothers and sisters. LISTEN!!!! It’s graphic – be warned of how graphic.

I recieved this statment moments ago from Libby Davies via email. She is the elected member of Parliament for Vancouver East. Someone in the Canadian Parliament is listening. Continue reading

He popped his cherry

Cotton Swab

Ever heard of an eargasm? It’s similar to an orgasm but this gasm happens in the ear, stimulated by none other than a q-tip, after showering. Eric popped his cherry the other day.

“Ah honey, there is blood on the q-tip” I say as he walks through the kitchen pulling the fuzzy white tipped stimulator out of his ear.

“Oh.” Eric responds pushing the q-tip back into his ear to finish it.

He walked away and we both conitinued with our day. Today however, while laughing to myself about the incident thinking ah my boyfriend popped his cherry. Laughing outloud now by this revelation I stare at him.

“What! wwwhhat, is so funny?”

“You popped your cherry yesterday.”

“It’s not funny. It HURT!”

Roaring I said “It won’t hurt again. It only hurts the first time…”

Staring with an embarrassed smirk he sighs “Jessica…”

You know, he even gets that googly-eyed-look as he does this, daily. It is a strange pleasure, but not unheard of.
*This image of the cotton swab links to this page at