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Flickr meets EastVanEsica

_DSC2526sm.jpgAs of today I have more than one photo uploaded to my flickr account. The latest 16 photos are a much needed update to my garden section. The photos were all taken during a sunrise here in East Vancouver.

Here are my photos on Flickr. To visit my old photos one last time click here. They will all be moved over to flickr shortly.

Flickr Plugin Help
If anyone could point me in the direction of how or what to use as a plugin for my homesite to display a flickr photo or set of photos. It would be much appreciated. I did some searches but have come up dry on choosing from the various ones available for a WordPress blog. If you could leave a comment on this post or email me at vanesica{at}shaw{dot}ca.

Thank you :)

Lucidity synopsis and 365 days sober today!

Today it has been 365 days since my last cap of GHB. There is a documentary I have been working on for the last two years. It has been edited both soberly and amidst full blown addiction. Today marks the day that I will finish this project by integrating words I wrote beginning with The loss of control of my…
luciditytextSMaller.gifWhat began as a college project has evolved into something much more. This documentary portrays the initial ensuing battle that began three years ago when I first ingested GHB. I attempted three times to sober up. The first and second time respectively, I stayed sober for three weeks each time, only to succumb to FULL BLOWN addiction upon relapsing after the second attempt at sobriety. This third time of sobriety has been one full year in the making. It has tested my strength, stamina and own personal beliefs, morals and ideas.

Below is the synopsis of the timeline behind the scenes of Lucidity, the given name of the film.

lucidityEYE.jpgIn May of 2004 I began filming myself. I was not using GHB 24/7 at this time. I did recognize that something was not right though. I went to my family doctor explaining how I thought I was builing a dependancy on GHB in order to focus, relax and hence sleep at night. I was studying in college after having returned to studying after an eight year hiatus from college working as a graphic artist / illustrator, both as a freelancer and employee of various business’. By the end of the week I gave up GHB upon my doctors advice and suffered no major withdrawal as a consequence. I had only been ingesting two to four caps in the evenings and on weekends at that point. I also began on Celexa. The Celexa had a strange effect on me. My pupils dilated.
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What the Bleep is the name for a green stop sign?

greenstopsignSM.jpgI was over on Communicatrix’s site reading a post entitled Cleaning My Damned Apartment, Day 3: “Feng Shui for Skeptics, or Why All My Dustcloths Are Purple”, and began writing and extended comment. Instantly a memory came into being causing me to click between browser pages to and from her site to mine to others.

Why is it that human beings perseve themselves as one rather than one part of something much larger. The movie What the Bleep gave names to things I knew no names for. Emotions came into existance for me. When something is not named one cannot begin to fully understand what that is until is is named. When something is named, it tends to become very real for me. It is no longer undescribable through use of image, sound or feeling for me. It is almost as if I can think about a named thing as a whole. I use words when I think. I use my fingers to create with. Yet, I cannot use letters to decribe what I am thinking of or feeling if none exist nor If I am unaware of it’s given name.

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An aside on Commentation and search box text disapearing in google

dictionarydotcomSM.jpgAs an aside to the word commentation (from this previous post) I would like to say *Wow* to on their complete site redesign. I have been using this site as a reference for all things english language related, since, well, years ago.

They have a pretty decent translator from or to english. One major usability bonus on this site, I notice that, they do right is keeping your typed search word live within the search box, as you navigate through their different pages (i.e. dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, the web). I really like this feature and it existed on before the redesign.

I ask google to possibly implement this when one types a search into their search box on their home search page. If you naviagte to other pages (i.e. images, groups, news, maps) from this page your search word(s) remain. When you click on the more >>, your initial search word(s) disapear. This may be a small glitch but would it take much to correct google? It seems common sense that when you hit more >> one would, expect to see more option variables along with their search term or phrase remaining in the given form box.
Google search words disapear after one hits more.This is just an idea. But it would save me time in copying and pasting words from one page to another and back again. Pretty please google?

Lost in Commentation

I have been travelling around the world leaving comments all across the landscape except no one will be able to find me from where ever I have been. Doh! In the space where one is to write their address if they like; I have been filling in with rather than http://j[e]

If only there was a spell check for web address’. And when one has set your forms to automatic fill in firefox… well that just exasperates the problem – 😉

In the side of a mountain, there exists, a place named paradise

pressed_tulipSM.jpgI begin to edit.
Editing I go.
Train of thought…
dismantles itself
hesitating to show.

When unknown
this editing does not exist
it is unatural

Moments pass
words, dialogue want to persist.
Evident, sixty feet down
I jump!,
down down

submerged in clear
glacial blue
melted pure
flowing shining, water
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