WordPress Camp and where to find the least opinionated coverage.

Hi all. I have been searching for live relevant information about what is being discussed at WordPress Camp in San Francisco today. Here are the sites I feel are doing a great job.

WordCamp Notes From Dan – he is presenting a very good summarization of all sessions he is in attendance of and not embellishing them with personal opinions. It is point form and easily read. It is one post that author Dan keeps updating simplifying greatly the need to click other posts. :)

The Blog Herald is doing a great job of posting Wordcamp sessions as they are completed in separate posts containing links to what is being discussed. Aaron Brazil and David Krug, both writers for the Herald are liveblogging the event.

I would like to say that if you are liveblogging an event please leave your personal opinions out of it. We the reader would like to know what is being discussed. The key though, here is AFTER, not during. As proven, the Blogher Conference provoked strong opinions to be voiced after the conference from many in attendance. It has been at best difficult to find a factual account of what was talked about for me. Trying to discern between what the geekygirls and the mommybloggers learned about women in the blogosphere has become futile for me to even continue reading post entries.

And perhaps even this post is an opinionated suggestion. However, the two sites above are doing a terific job with direct summarization; just the facts are being listed with any relevant known links.

If I find others I will update this post.
UPDATE – if you find others please feel free to list the site in the comments and I’ll post it. cheers!

UPDATEConversation Rater has a written a post discussing the monetization of blogs. He helped in leading the discussion while at WordPress Camp.

UPDATEMark JaquaithJaquith will be updating his blog to include live audio and comments on the sessions he attended.

UPDATEMark Jaquith has uploaded the first audio file. Go Listen. All our skeletons are Opensource. Matt Mullenweg leads the discussion entitled “State of the World”. Cheers!

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12 thoughts on “WordPress Camp and where to find the least opinionated coverage.

  1. Hey, Thanks for the links to places to find neutral coverage. It is totally helpful.

    I disagree about not doing opinionated coverage (as I’m one of those folks doing a very limited liveblogging, and it is very opinionated), but i do totally agree there is a very big need for the unopinionated posts as well.


  2. Cool Jessica, I for one believe in unbiased coverage of these sorts of events because a lot of us couldn’t be there and we would like to get unfiltered information.


  3. J. Tony Smith – I visited your site, began reading then clicked away. I just happened to be searching for neutrality today. Most opinions about WordPress Camp will be written after the fact with possibly some neutral ones. Opinionated coverage isn’t wrong or right, it just is and that is an opinion in itself. LOL

    range – I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone recorded the event and will be posting it unedited via podcast or video perhaps.

  4. I think there’s a place for both – I tend to like the occassional comment, but gravitate to more factual notations at a live blog… endgaget is fairly good about that, but then again, they’re typically at product announcment conferences rather than notations at seminars.

    All in all, I like both flavors, and this is helpful to some of the things I missed – thank you for find them:)

  5. Someone was videotaping the events (at least the sessions he attended) and said he was going to place it up on Google Video, so if you look there tomorrow or Monday, you’ll probably find something.

    I hope you’ll return to my site, as I’d love to add you as a reader. Know that you’ve already added me. Cheers!

  6. Thanks for the feedback on our coverage – we were quite happy with how it turned out.

    One of the fellows doing some videotaping was our own David Krug. You’ll see some of those videos coming your way soon.


  7. Brady J. Frey – I agree with you and your welcome.

    J. Tony Smith – Looks like Matt Craven answered the question as to who was videotaping them; David Crug :) I returned top your site last night and yes I’ll be back reading.

    Matt Craven – Thank you. Your coverage at the Herald was factual with just a smidgeon of opinion. Thanks for the heads about the video – I look forward to viewing them.

  8. vanesica – I recorded about half of the sessions (only had one recording device). Most of them were main-room events. I did one event in the small room because Prince’s (very good) session had a LOT of audience participation, and their voices weren’t getting picked up.

    I haven’t sorted through the audio… that might take a while, but I’ll make available whatever I have that came out alright.

  9. Hi Mark That sounds great. I look forward to listening to them. Thank you for sharing. I will add your site to the post. cheers!

  10. thank you :)

    Sorry about the spelling mistake :S

    It’s goota be ‘cus Je took late imersion dans junior high de l’etudier le français.


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