Beads and Balls and a sneaky draft



I set up on my deck this weekend to begin painting beads and balls. I have been collecting unpainted wooden beads for a over a decade now. It is time to turn them into painted necklaces. The other project I began in late 2005 was paper machéing balls. They are ready for decoration also.

ball01SM.jpgBelow is an itsy bitsy tiny picture of posts I have begun. When I return with a fresh mindset the loose ends will be tied up on each and posted.


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4 thoughts on “Beads and Balls and a sneaky draft

  1. Wow, that is a lot of posts. I like the fact that you work on posts. I do the same, I find that it gives me time to edit them, correct them and add to them when I sleep on them for a few days. Have a nice vacation.

  2. Range – Glad to hear I’m not the only one with drafts. Sometimes I just write down an idea with no title and other times it is the title written down with no content. By doing this I always seem to have something to post that is interesting when the ideas are hard on coming.

    Vacation was good :) Yay!

    Mentatoh – I explained this in my most recent post.

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