Then the night became cold. The light differentiated itself…

…from one another, dancing among others of its own kind. Every once ina while though one of the following. What is it that causes us all to not trust in who we are. Why de need approval and accpetance from others of our own species. Isn’t it perhaps time to focus on purple hippopotami that are homeless in the other place. You, the place… where the purple watermelons grow down by the bay. If you grab the phone now and pick it up perhaps someone could talk to you. This is the oddest writing style i have ever adopted. It is train of thought. but. you know. that.

There is a certain amount of trust that exists on the internet that is developping among users. Think about this:

You login to the intenet using software created somewhere. You are on the internet now. So is everyone else who is on the internet. All the users of the iternet are all connected. We write, we contribute, we sell, we buy, and we become trustworthy to eachother. Even publishing a comment denotes a certain amount of trust. Do you ever feel fear? I never in the world imagined all of this could happen.

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