A Birds I View at the crack of dawn


Above, a moment of pure chance happened. Below, the result flew into existance.

Seagulls and dill during sunrise on August 20, 2006 - Jessica Doyle

Though the opening was small, I heard the seagulls. Ghosts in the distance. Click.

Sunrise August 20, 2006 - light source - Jessica Doyle

I walked inside and clicked. A lightbulb. A sunrise. A punching bag and dill.

Sunrise August 20, 2006 - Dalia - Guitar - Jessica Doyle

Turnng. Click.


I went outside again.

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2 thoughts on “A Birds I View at the crack of dawn

  1. I missed you too Ana. Getting back into the swing of things is a challenge. LOL.

    Thank you about the photos. I snapped about 200 photos that morning. I stole my boyfriend’s Nikon camera. he he. Well, borrowed.

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