In the side of a mountain, there exists, a place named paradise

pressed_tulipSM.jpgI begin to edit.
Editing I go.
Train of thought…
dismantles itself
hesitating to show.

When unknown
this editing does not exist
it is unatural

Moments pass
words, dialogue want to persist.
Evident, sixty feet down
I jump!,
down down

submerged in clear
glacial blue
melted pure
flowing shining, water

I count
legs, torso – head
sink. Swim up.

I did it.
I leaped sixty feet off of a granite outcropping into Paradise nestled into the side of an unknown mountain in BC, aptly nicknamed by Marc. The five of us continued later on to Elbow lake, we swam. We swam across to the granite elbow; a small peninsula on the eastern shore.

Granite appears exquisite when wet. Have you ever actually looked at it? Or had the opportunity to swim in a natural granite/rock basin? Paradise was just that; granite, forest, water and sun. This outcropping is not manmade. It is Glacial. It is an iceage formation left behind and still occurring today, carved out over a millenia of existance. Water running forming lines, and patterns circling, clearly–so rinsing pink, grey and blue speckled stone amidst the recriprocalmeasurement, we call time.

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