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The mom, the mess and me

My mom arrives tomorrow morning here in Vancouver. My apartment is somewhat messy. Me, well I’m just a procrastinating 😉

Mom and Me

Actually this visit has been a long time coming. The first time my folks attempted a visit to Vancouver the airline they purchased their tickets from went bankrupt two days before their flight was to leave. The second time was supposed to be this summer. Well, it is autumn now, and three and half years later and this planned trip is actually happening tomorrow, albeit without my dad and brother because they are working and out moose hunting. But my MOM is flying to Vancouver all the way from Saint John. My mom. My mom and me.
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How many meters make a mile?

It’s 1980. I am in Grade one. Canada has just begun teaching it’s kids about the millimeter.

Somehow I got it into my head that 100 meters was the equivalent to one kilometer. I accidentally dropped one zero in an article I wrote for the Blog Herald. To further my confusion I also was flip flopping back and forth between the Imperial system and the mostly world-wide adopted Metric system. So which system of measurement do I use?

This made me think back back to growing up in the Maritimes. My parents learned the imperial way of doing things. Imperially taught teachers were teaching the metric system to kids. When I traveled to the Grocery Store with my Dad, we bought meat by the pound. My mother had 4L of milk delivered by the Milk Man on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. When my brother and I were brought to the doctor for check-ups we were always weighed in pounds. Any medicine prescribed was by the tablespoon or teaspoon.

While at the doctor during my last check-up their vintage imperial scale had been replaced with a digitally enhanced impostor. When I stepped on the scale I magically had lost half of my weight, only to realize… poof, after the nurse converted it to pounds, this kilogram estimate was not so. I only know my height in inches. I have no idea what it is in centimeters if someone were to ask me out of the blue.

ONE area of measurement the school system did learn me well was 25ºC is not Fahrenheit and usually occurred in the summer. I have no real idea how hot or cold anything is imperially. Damn. The metric system is fairly easy to comprehend. BUT I still to this day have not had the pleasure to work in an environment where the metric system is widely used. I worked as a gallery art framer when living in Fredericton. Paintings were framed by the inch not the centimeter. Moldings I placed order for; by the foot. I still by eggs by the dozen today. In college we were instructed design by the inch. No centimeters involved. Yet, I instinctively know to pre-heat an oven to 350ºF to roast a chicken. Hmmm.

One can walk into the liquor stores in Canada and walk out with a case of beer, a pint of vodka and a 2L bottle of cooler. And anyone over the age of 25 would remember this:

To further ad to this conundrum, any human whether Canadian or not will certainly notice our diverse language and packaging laws both federally, provincially and sometimes individually implemented; which is another discussion 😉 eh?

Wednesdays at the Blogging Times

bloggingtimesSM.jpgToday I began blogging for the Blogging Times as a contributing writer. Here is the link to my first post entitled Online / Offline with a brief quote below. 😉

Do you realize how many people are forming relationships online with everyone else? And it’s real. To people on the outside it appears an intriguing honesty about the future where technology, in how humans relate to eachother, is going. Sometimes…

Chapters of my life, and loving the bounce

Chapter 1

jessicadoyle_sunset.jpgI walked down the sidewalk and
fell into a deep hole.
I couldn’t get out and I couldn’t fugure out why.
It wasn’t my fault.
It took a long time to get out.

Chapter 2

I walked down the sidewalk and
fell into the same hole again.
I couldn’t understand.
It wasn’t my fault.
This time it was easier to get out.

Chapter 3

I walked down the sidewalk and fell into the same hole again.
This time I understood why and it was my fault.
This time it was easier to get out.
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A bird looking at fuzzy looking things


I have been drawing more lately using my favorite pen; the PILOT G-TEC-C4. Excellent for writing and/or drawing. The above spread was created over a few days this week. I tend to draw many things at once, going back over them again and again adding detail. I never use a pencil first, unless I am composing an image that will be painted in using watercolor. Just pen on paper. The journal I am currently working in contains about 60lb paper stock, is acid free, cold press and unbleached. I like cold-press paper because it gives a light texture to draw upon rather than the stark hot-press paper, which tends to be smoother and have a sheen to it.

I completed this drawing two nights ago down at my friend Soren’s home. He created music while I drew to it. He said:

It looks like a bird looking at fuzzy looking things…

Hence the title of the drawing. Below is a detail of Bird.


Friendly considerations

bedbug.jpgTwo of my friends Nadine and Dan from New Brunswick arrived in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon. They packed up their car in Freddy and had begun driving across the continent (Canada) arriving in Vancouver 15 days later. Wow! I’m so happy to have them both here staying with Eric and I until they settle in. Yes, this isn’t just a trip it’s full-on-move-to-the-big-city from small-town New Brunswick.

The issues they are facing are similar to my own when I arrived here three and a half years ago; namely, finding a place to live and applying for jobs. This is NO small feat to accomplish in Vancouver. When one goes about searching for an affordable, livable and decent rental property or apartment one is met with having to give your life story, credit and banking information and on top of that competition for the precious few places where one can actually afford to live in. Being from out of town does not make this search easier. The questions are endless. If you work at a minimum wage job here in Vancouver you make $8 an hour or $16,640 yearly. Not bad. However, a one bedroom apartment will cost you between $700 to $1100 to rent. If you can’t afford that rental price you are stuck renting a room for between $300 to $500. There is also a bed bug epidemic.
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halfing like atoms and writing styles searches turns into constructive possibilities to increase legibility for kids and what they are teaching at one university

…every time a baby is born it knows everything it needs to know in half the time of those, who birth him. Every subsequent baby born thereafter will follow in the same respect. Then the need to learn will evolve into the need…

we are atoms. The earth is the largest of its kind. It pushes outwards birthing atoms that recycle; forming larger bonds with other atoms. Until a shape is formed they maintain a cylindrical outline. They push together doubling. One invisible and one visible. They can be seen but are still transparent. Are these two atoms representing the two sexes. Two sexes can become one. Asexual. They reproduce as they die. They are just pushing together creating another advancement in human physical form. It would eliminate sex in our terms of understanding sex (2006). Sex is something you choose to do. But it is more about what you…
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