Hello my name is – the only female columnist at the Blog Herald

Hellomyweeklypostis.gifI am officially the newest columnist to join the Blog Herald team comprising of only men. I just woke up at about 10:30AM Pacific Time. I just read an email I had recieved an from Matt saying my bio post would be posted at 10:30AM Central Time. I missed my own opening! :) There is a very real three hour time difference from Central to Pacific Time. 😉

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8 thoughts on “Hello my name is – the only female columnist at the Blog Herald

  1. Bonita – thanks sweetie. Now I need to write something… Ah it’s that first post nerves things. I believe it will be funt though. I am excited!

  2. cool – I too am a reader at the Herald so you go girl, have some fun and kick some butt 😉

    And you think a 3 hour time difference is a big deal – try 15 hours (reason: Aussie).

    Nerves. What nerves! Just be yourself.

  3. Martin, you’re 15 hours AHEAD. You got news about Steve a day before the rest of the world. Remember the Olympics? They may as well have been broadcast in a time capsule.

  4. Adrian – that’s the good thing about being ahead so many hours – while my Northern Hemisphere friends are sleeping I can get all the scoops.

    You guys are always playing catch up. 😉

  5. Rose – thank you :)

    Martin – I am playing catch up right now 😉 I just got back from an impromtu camping trip in the mountains of British Columbia late last night. I am playing catch up for sure now. I see the Blog Herald got Dugg. Woot!

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