The moon, a woman and a womb

The title says it all. All three are somehow all connected. Three is a crowd, so which one could go allowing the other two, their own personal time. Ghosts. My cat is snoring in her basket beside me on top of the scanner on top of the computer desk. Sleeping.

Ghosts - jessica doyleThere is a full moon outside. The city is brighter and thus calmer but still dark as it is night time here. I need to come up with a name. A name for something that will happen weekly. Something that describes what I write about and will write about. Many many instances have occurred where emotion is all consuming in many different ways. It consumes thoughts of the past. It lays blank the passage to future and now it is just an anxious illusion. One step behind and one step forward; the middle being unseen, stepped over because it is just a dream.

What is with this time of year? September. Do you ever do something you are so excited about doing and actually enjoy what you are doing when fear peaks it’s head in and you hesitate. That small moment of hesitation could turn into weeks of procastination. I wonder if procastination leads to anxiety? Is a full moon and a woman perhaps to blame? Why is it that blame must be acted upon rather than accepting the self as responsible.

And a womb leaking blood. Why? I remember a story once that a friend told me of, what she called, a mountain woman. She recanted a tale about a woman who upon the noticed arrival of her period, would go over to her garden and puuush the blood out of her using her muscles fertilizing the ground with menses. That story whether true or not is something to truly think about if you are a female. It’s all muscle up there right? We are naturally built to push so to speak. Why couldn’t it be possible to actually push our periods out of our vaginas in a half hour or so? đŸ˜‰

Identity has been on my mind lately as to the above mentioned request about a name needed weekly. So who am I? She has a given name. It seems common now to have this name. All the years past this given name was uncommon. And now that it is common is it time to change?

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