Magna Mater

jessica_doyle_untitledSM.jpgIt is Sunday. I have just woken from a nap. Earlier in the morning Eric drove from the Eastside to Downtown Vancouver to pick my Mom and I up from the hotel. It was 5:30AM then. It was raining then. The first rain Vancouver has seen since the arrival of my mom. My mom is the air now over Canada making her way back to her home in New Brunswick. And I already miss her. We had some breakfast at the airport. It was good. My head was hurting and my mom’s throat was sore. My nose has not stopped running since Tuesday. And yesterday my mom’s nose began running. I was sick with flu or a cold last week. Today it is beginning to end. My mom’s flu or cold is just beginning and now travelling across the country. She caught my Vancouver cold. Between my mom and I we ingested almost a whole bottle of tylenol extra strength this week. The mornings and late evenings were the roughest. The mucous just did not stop. A cough has set in now, telling me it’s almost over. The hot fevers of cold sweat are gone. The joint stiffness is gone.

And my mom is gone. And I miss her.

The sun is shining now. The clouds are dispersed, white and fluffy. The tears we shed are dissapating.

In awe, I am, with the kindred maternal weather system…

Magna Mater

For more info on this adopted post title I have been reading about the Magna Mater Project. In the search for words and knowledge my online travels lead me to places, ideas and refernence material unkown to me. Occasionally, I happen upon one or two that seem to exemplify my person in both ideal and ferver. Click after click more becomes clear as I read. As a woman it simply causes a calm smile to resonate from within, that we, as a human race are continuing to move forward in celebration of all things feminine. This is not about power or equality. It is an awareness. It just is.

Without the matriarch, the *patriarch could not exist. At the same time, this holds true in reverse. We are becoming aware of eachothers differences and likenesses.

Mother Earth.

Father Time?

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