An entry in which only train-of-thaught could endure.

logo.gifeyesandfeet.gifOne could peer through the memories of her life. Only she necessarily could become not withstanding of her own sanity. Going from pen in hand to digital key tapping has been, but a transition of assembly to a more resounding thump on the back of my head. Thump thump. t.h.u.m.p.

There are times I want to go crazy.
Writing words without restraint and logic.

This discovery of a beast long laid to rest a thousand years ago. Beyond memory, beyond physical destiny there is perhaps a conciousness building.

Is paper like pixel? Is a keyboard fingers?

Does our mind see it as the same or different…

…or both?

I type. I type. I type to you into the unknown.
This is all unknown.
I can only guess who reads what it is, that is written here.

thingsthatgo.gifhoppers.gifSomething happens when you get an audience. An audience in it’s own right is a creator also. There is an exchange of ideas. Before the audience was perhaps chosen by the creator or artist. The internet though presents such a fusion of ideas, collaboration – whether known or not known to the individual at whatever end he may be in engagement to interaction. The days goes by. They go by. They pass into a time we cannot reach physically any longer. Only in mind can she be there. Past cognition.

When i wrote upon paper I held nothing back nor pushed anything forward. It just, was writing on paper. Words strung together in assilation to a known toungue. The language is unknown now. Sound is the only cross-pollinated genre… that is language is not always understood but tone and inflection break the understanding barrier…

illustration.gifGood God! I have to laugh. *Ha*.

Writing by typing is a lot different than writing by hand on paper. When one writes by hand on paper one includes emotion through use of the pen. Now yeah sure, people including myself can produce and emotional response through chosen words and a pretty font but they are of an other’s creation. Maybe writing is sooooo hard because it feels like we run out of words. I run out words. Whoah do I ever. So I ask “Jesseeeeka why the hell are you runnin’ out of words!”. Truth is and this is f***ed up truth; that words can only be learn and remembered, then only to be recalled in memory to be written down.

motion.gifI wish I had the ability to plugin and activate a dictionary download including a complementary description and examples of use … no change that. No examples of use. NONE!~ That is where creativity in wirtnig is limited! Ha – that has got to be it. Everyone writes like everyone else because that is what we learned. Blogging in an inadvertant way has inspired me to continue to learn everyday. I can write whatever I want here. Writing cannot be legislated nor can it be censored. When those two almalgamate it would result in a catastrophe of human inteligence. Because the internet is completely self guided. It needs to remain that way. Because not another day will go by where I will not endure to create what I please when I please in whatever-so-a-manner that I-want-to-execute.


When you are

allowed to guide oneself
one will in-her-ant-ly
learn more about oneself
erotica.gifthan if one was being taught from another. I learn through example but experiment on my own. This is the only way to self realization. It comes down to trusting oneself that onelself has learned enough that she can contribute to human knowledge and maybe just discover something new about herself. Maybe a new doodad, or whatchamcallit or a thingamajig or a jugtpop or a detskam? And what about those gonads! OMG! Play it! lmao!

On a side note : I just did a search for detskam and jugtpop. Although both are not listed as actual words the search resulted in a possiblity of typos with meanings only a click away..

organix.gifjugtpop – could be a gutterpup. Gutterpup is an actual word yet jugtpop is not. What if I said jugtpop meant a woman carrying jugs of soda pop. Ok, that is what jugtpop means. Sooooooo…. does that make jugtpop, a real word because it is, written down? đŸ˜‰

And by the way a gutterpup is synonymous with:

bag lady, bindle*, derelict, drifter, floater, gutterpup*, guttersnipe*, hobo, homeless person, stiff*, tramp, transient, vagabond, vagrant, welfare bum.

faces.gifweb.gifprint.gifTwo new words; gutterpup and jugtpop.

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