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Over on Alliance for Arts there was an announcement made. This is one of the nicest announcements I have read about and hope to attend. As a blogger/artist/etc… this Outreach program could not have come at a better time for me. If any of you artists who reside in the Vancouver area would like to attend with me send me an email at vanesica(AT)shawca, I’ll be happy to go with you. It is free to attend and free to also schedule a one-on-one appointment.

AlianceforartsLogoThe Artists Legal Outreach (ALO) is a pilot project of the Alliance for Arts & Culture. We will provide artists in all disciplines with access to summary legal advice and hold dialogues on arts-related issues on a monthly basis.

Who we are
The Artists Legal Outreach is staffed by volunteer lawyers with experience in legal issues faced by artists. All are members of the Law Society of BC and have insurance coverage. The ALO is guided by an Advisory Committee of members of the arts community and the Alliance for Arts & Culture.

What we do
Summary Advice: Legal advice will be offered in 30 minute sessions with a volunteer lawyer. After the artist completes an online intake form, ALO will review the form and schedule a session. During the session the lawyer can answer questions you may have and provide advice.

It appears that the dialogues begin this month. They have set up a summary advice clinic where all those wanting to participate can simply fill out an online form and email it back to them. They do not at this time provide artists with legal representation but can if needed provide a referral for you. It is open to all artists, individual or not who live in the Vancouver area.

Artists legal outreachWho is it for?
The clinic is open to artists in all disciplines to discuss art, entertainment, business and intellectual property law issues. All issues discussed must be related to your artistic discipline. Some business issues, such as contracts and incorporation, are acceptable. A referral will be provided to those who have questions in areas of law not handled by the clinic.

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  1. Similar to ALO, is there any low cost or free legal advice programs in Lower Mainland for product patents?

  2. Product patents – that is interesting, I am not sure to tell the truth. It’s something that could be asked when I attend one of their clinics. What medium do you work in Bonnie?

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