Sequential images – Talking001 – testing stats

Last night I placed all the images below in sequence. The images were created using either Kroma Acrylic, a Pilot G-tec C4 pen, a Micron 005 pen, paper, canvas, varnish and/or a combination of those mediums including paintbrushes of varying sizes. They have all been either scanned or photographed digitally. It looks nice sometimes when one can manipulate their created images into a more template based layout. Simply by adjusting the color, levels, gradients etc on photoshop one can achieve another version of their existing artwork. I think it’s cool! I took a screen shot of the photos from iPhoto – all 49 of them.
Sequential images - Talking001 - test?

As I was creating this sequence I was thinking. I am always thinking when still. I needed to talk but it was 4:00 in the morning. I had downloaded Audacity the daynight before and hit record. I read a post I wrote. And hour later I figured out how to import an audacity file into iMovie. An hour later I had a movie.

The original written post was inspired by tony – fiesta man with deep jive interests, and also from all the other bloggers who’s stats I enjoy reading when you post them. Cheers! Here is the testing link. 😉

To read the text from the original post that was never posted

And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything you risk even more.
Erica Jong

I have been feeling this intense urge to clean. It arrives in waves not unlike a graph line dipping below the median only to find itself rising above only it doesn’t dip below the median on it’s decent back down. This effect has a tendancy to follow my state of mind. Have you ever really looked at your blog stats only to discover they are fluctuating with your personality. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think it’s normal. Two steps forward. One step back. What happens when you begin to discover you are moving four steps forward then one step back? As far as the link to personality and emotional well being the stats are not the cause of your glee or sadness; it is rather your glee or sadness affecting your stats. Maybe this is akin to which came first, the chicken or the egg. What if the answer is honesty.

I don’t particularly understand all of what my stats tracking sites do but I can ascertain a few things from them. I have been hovering around 39,000 on Technorati. I remember breaking 700,000 and thinking oh my god! ha. I remember discovering technorati. I’m also placing a lot of trust into these tracking algorythymthyms ithms to do an honest job. But then I think I can’t pay them. I can’t pay them like i can’t pay my student loan right now. I wish the existing credit system would collapse. I wish the student loan people could trust me in the fact that “yes I signed and borrowed the money with a full personal commitment on paying them back every penny.” What i didn’t expect at the time of borrowing the money and signing on the dotted line was that I wouldn’t be able to pay them back on time every month for the next decade. Now in that 10th year of re-payment I find it fully frustrating that my credit rating will dip below the median simply because I am not on time. I hate time. Time itself does not move, only we do. Running on steam now.

What am I risking? More importantly what am I risking through blogging? Well, I already established that my credit rating is at risk, which sucks because wheenever I have had enough money I go the bank and hand it to someone who punches it into a computer while writing it out on a slip of carbonated paper which she hands to me to sign. I sign it. She takes it back. She tears off the yellow carbonated side of the two page slip. She hands this to me, and I walk away.

So, i have a PR of 5 I’d say about 85% of the time. The remaining 15% well holds steady at a one out of 10. When I first learned of page rank I thought the one was awesome! Then I realized this is almost like a physical beauty contest. OMG! Well I like the five. I have made it to the median in this particular tracking system. I took four steps forward to make five.

Now alexa is a little more confusing to me. What the fuck is an Alexa? I didn’t know it was like google. I didn’t know it was like technoarti but measured a diffferent yithym. I started out around 800,000. My current number is 216,890 183,924 out of how ever many websites inclusive of blogs out of the world that Alexa tracks. Technorati states it tracks over 50 million blogs not inclusive of websites. This site is in the top 0.000078%. I am in the top 1% of all blogs that technorati claims to track. This is what people look at when they look to invest money right? They look at the numbers. They look at the percentage of reach, the percentage of page views… ahhhhhhh. I am manager. I am lawyer. I am copywriter. I am an image maker. Fuck this makes me laugh. Is blogging a GAME? If it is in anyone’s eyes who has money. I’ve got pretty incredible numbers that i’m fascinated by. I don’t think I have ever been in the top percentile of anything. I think about the A list. I think about the DZ- list. I think about the 01/19/80 theory. I think there is a transition happening. The nineteen are overcrowding the one. I think I’m in that nineteen percent. I don’t know what is going to happen. Is it going to be other unrelated offline business’s who begin to fund the blogosphere? I don’t know. I have faith that what I do everyday is what I do. The stats show the numbers. I create the art. What do you do?

Anyhow the only thing I’m risking through blogging is money. If money equals status then status also equals money. The more I am who I am the more the stats climb until money falls from the sky. Real Honest Investment backed by trust.

There are many links I will ad to this post as the day progresses. For now though I need to go outside into the park across the street to excerciseHoola Hoop!

UPDATE – some links have been added :) and I did go a hoola hooping.

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10 thoughts on “Sequential images – Talking001 – testing stats

  1. Lynn – Hi and thank you. I have to play sometimes. I’m trying to figure out what to do with all my art. I want to share it. So this seems a creative way to do so.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    What an interesting stream-of-thought sort of post.

    And thanks for the kind tip.

    Don’t sell yourself short.
    You’re clearly part of the 1%, not the 19%; originality will do that for you.

    Keep on blogging, and everything else will take care of itself 😉

    Cheers and keep up the great work.
    t @ dji

  3. Rodrigo – OMFG! LOL – tell me about it with scanners and cameras… I am finding it easier though as technology speads up over the years to get my hand work transferred to digital work more efficiently. Glad you liked the test. 10 years ago my little power mac would not have been able to even hold the contents of my blog in it’s hard drive.

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