Working in cannabis land

##NOLIGHTBOX##CCTs_detailI created this idea for a t-shirt design while employed at cannabis land. I like it. Just because though, it portrays cannabis, many don’t recognize the design and illustration part. This fascinates me, how people are blinded by only content, rather than, presentation of the idea. The women’s “T” is just, well, nice. I would wear it.

CCTs*please note I do not own copyright to this design. It is copyright of Cannabis Culture. The CC license on this blog does not apply to the design above or to the left. I am however, allowed to display the idea. After having worked there for close to eight months I chose to leave after the raid.

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4 thoughts on “Working in cannabis land

  1. I am fascinated by your story. Over and over again you refer back to your addiction with such a clear view of what really happened to you.
    I think that your work is so talented.
    I am sure some of that talent was locked inside you during the time you were using.
    The designs are great!

  2. Ana – I like Cananbis and it’s ability to grow producing sometimes a three petal leaf, five and even a seven petal one. I have seen plants that have all three.

  3. Lynn – I do refer to addiction many times. I was using during the time I created the above designs. I’m beginning to believe that some of what was unlocked in my brain during 24 hour use of substances has carried over to sober, only having a drink every now and then me.

    One of the main reasons I used was to see what my brain was capable of. When the normal use turned to addicton OMG my brain couldn’t cope. And LOL – I blew up so to speak.

    Thank you for the nice comment :)

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