Portrait of the Addict

Portrait of the Addict a couple a’ years ago.Portrait of the Addict - a couple of years ago - Full blown boredom (addiction?)

Portrait of the Addict a couple a’ days ago.Portrait of the Addict - a couple of days ago - smirking

Both drawn using a Pilot G-tec C4 pen on Acid free paper.

If you look hard enough you will see his addiction or at least recognize it, as maybe one of your own. Funny thing with addiction is that the addiction began innocently enough as a passion, whilst during a split second of self hesitation can evolve into obsession ripe with fury. In that moment one becomes an addict, one becomes aware that it is not only himself he needs, one becomes aware that the need for self is only apparent through his use of stimulus or lack there of.

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9 thoughts on “Portrait of the Addict

  1. That is a good idea Ana… I may have to ad some color digitally to them. I changed the color from RGB to Grayscale in both photographs. I like the deck as their frame or backdrop but with some color the illustrations could pop out a little more… hmmmm :) thx sweetie.

  2. I like the mess of the first one like the person looking from within.
    Then the recent one is from the outside looking in, and the one on the outside sees the addict simplified.

  3. Hi Lynn – What a nice thing to say :) They are both drawings of my boyfriend whom one could say “has a passion for many things on TV. What he watches has evolved from 2 and half years ago. I guess I do see him simplified – more cohesive perhaps.

    I like your comments Lynn.

  4. Who’s holding the chair up with their legs on the “a couple a’ years ago” drawing?

    Excellent symbolistic drawings!

  5. TDH – thx

    flic – I hadn’t noticed that before. That is actually the shape of the legs of the chair itself. During the time that was drawn though I was in fact carrying the weight of both of us. That has since changed. He carried my weight for a bit and now we are both somewhat equal if that makes sense 😉

  6. There may indeed be addictions that began innocently as a passion and changed into an obsession, but I think the typical addictions (drugs and alcohol) start not with a passion but with a moment of weakness, depression, or frustration.

    There are many disappointments and frustrations in life. Some people gravitate toward the quick fix, the easy way out, to the course of least resistance while others refuse to give in, focus on positive goals, and roll up their sleeves and get to work.

    Habits, good and bad, and addictions seem to have a form of inertia or a life of their own. It sounds so very easy, but people have to get involved in positive habits and in a positive momentum rather than taking the easy way out and giving in to harmful addictions.

    Most people are smart enough to know what is harmful and what is good for them. Surround yourself with good things (healthy eating habits, proper sleep, contact with positive friends and relatives, doing helpful things for others, expressing thankfulness for the things you have) and start eliminating actions and behaviors that you know are negative (staying out until 2AM on work nights spending money on alcohol or drugs, surrounding yourself with people of questionable character, eating mainly junk food, focusing on partying rather than on self-improvement, etc).

    A healthy or positive habit starts with one action. Take that first step and see how positive behaviors and thoughts feed on one another. Sit down and ask yourself what you can do to make your life more fulfilling and joyful. Then develop a plan of action and implement it.

    Stop making excuses and giving in to your weaknesses. Get off your lazy butt and do something positive for others and for yourself. You just might find out more healthy and goods things about yourself than you ever gave yourself credit for.


  7. DenMan – I’ve read your comment a few times now. It is really great. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. You have a great attitude. Your words give me strength and make me smile.

    A healthy or positive habit starts with one action.


    Habits, good and bad, and addictions seem to have a form of inertia or a life of their own.

    Inertia… that word explains what happens in the mind and/or body all too well.

    Nice to meet you DenMan7:)

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