Sitting on a pillow

Sitting on pillow listening to the world.

Drawn using a Pilot G-tec C4 pen onto acid free paper from my journal and photographed on deck.

I spent some time yesterday cleaning up the deck, sweeping the remnants of life into piles of debris. Twigs, dead flowers, cotten tie strings and leaves had found their way down to the deck for the winter. The remaining plants still in pots are hanging on as long as they can until the first frost causes them to wilt, then fall to ground or deck only to be swept away by wind or broom again.

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2 thoughts on “Sitting on a pillow

  1. i love the fact that your sketches have a distinctive style, this can be very hard to achieve, but in your case i can TELL its a Doyle sketch,y’know. i would love to see a huge sketch done, something that would immerse the observer in your world.

    love em’

  2. i can TELL its a Doyle sketch,y’know

    Thank you :)

    I have a tracer projector which allows me to project a small drawing onto a much larger surface such as canvas or wall space. What I would really like to do since the printing industry of recent has evolved to allow printing on canvas. I’d like to get some of these sketches printed on canvas and then paint ’em in, just go to town with colour on a much larger scale!

    Until my bank account will allow I will be using the tracer projectorrrrrrrr.

    Thank you the nice compliment rodrigo!

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