There is a house or apartment complex burning very very close to where I live right now. Vancouver. Canada.

Fire-trucks are everywhere. The alarm in my building just went off too. I just came back upstairs after packing my cat into a basket and running down all the stairs. Then the alarm decided to stop. We all poured back into the building only to hear another alarm going off down on the main floor. I’m heading out down the street. The noise is getting immense. All the alarms have stopped in my building.

I have just returned from the scene of the fire. Ah, yes I have had a quiet night this evening. Was all nice and calm until the wind began blowing and the rain began flying horizontally as I heard the first sirens then looked outside and saw what looked like to be a camp-fire in the sky. Then briefs screams of “jump” and “ahhhh”. Everyone who lives in the building is safe as far as I know. I met a woman while standing watching. Just checked the weathernetwork and they are wrong. We are having really really strong gusts of wind that are above their forecast of 40kms in the East-Side of Vancouver. It’s stopped raining now but I hear more sirens going to another area of the city.

The lady I met said she also heard the screams and that her building alarm went of in the area as did countless others. It’s good to know the alarms are working.

When the fire began was just as the wind and rain began. The wind was blowing East. I get so excited when things happen; like adrenaline rushing within me. It feels like getting high but naturally.

Maybe some fire insurance would be good…

Maybe it’s just a dream we are all in. All bouncing off eachother mutually. Wouldn’t part of the other get exchanged and thereafter adapted at the infinity of bounce? There is more sirens further in the distance. Upon arriving in Vancouver later that year I had the opportunity to experience Halloween Vancouver Style. This begins one week roughly ahead of the date of eve. The sounds, the colors, unmask, black begins to fill the night. Midnight encroaches. The witching hour. The third story corner apartment South-east apartment went to flames around midnight. I remember looking out the deck doors. A luminous red-orange wet fire was dancing in the sky. The rain weighed the smoke. The fire was crystal clear. It appeared like the last picture I posted in the last post. Nu nee nuuuuuu nu.

I had planned on mingling into the Parade of Lost Souls this evening, last night though was celebration enough.

I really miss storms. Growing up in New Brunswick meant being aware that the weather can change in hours. Literally minutes sometimes. Big Black clouds rumbled and cracked once while Dawn and I stood, coats open, facing the wind we stood while leaning forward as the wind held us up on a steep hill. Blow wind BLOW! We were waiting to fly. Our feet briefly jiggled as the wind played at our toes. That is what it is!!!! I miss weather that adjusts itself regularly. I hope it snows in Vancouver this year. A month. Just one month of snow. Seasons change slowly here; one fades another ebbs itself in. The rest of Canada is not like this.

And it’s legal to set off fireworks within Vancouver City limits 😉 eh? :)

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