A day of disguise

Halloween 1995 style – before the advent of CSI on TV.

Halloween 1995 style - before the advent of CSI on TV.

This has to be the most frightening costume my ex-husband and I ever concocted together, this night 11 years ago today.

What do you suppose we each were portraying while in these costumes?

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7 thoughts on “A day of disguise”

  1. Wow, that is pretty cool. I’m back. Kind of. I was without blogging for a while, but back at it. Teaching full-time is hard and we have long hours. But at least we are in Taiwan!

  2. Range – You be back blogging! Woot! I’ll check in to see you. Glad to hear you from you…. taiwan :)

    Justin – “purple people eater” That is good! Made me laugh when I read it. He is a sort of purple people meater… but yes, has nothing to do with the famed song purple people eater.

  3. I remember this one. It was pretty cool. This year’s vampire costume was scary enough to scare some college girls passing by, I didn’t even have to say boo! The make-up sealed the deal.

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