He’s tired of logging into stuff

Anyone who uses the internet can relate to the amount of usernames and passwords we each create and hence utilize on a daily basis online. Darren Barefoot made a video entitled:

I’m Tired of Logging Into Stuff

User Name and Password – video powered by Metacafe

I wrote about the need for a master password in a previous post. I am very happy to see that I am not alone with my mounting list of passwords. 😉 So funny Darren when you type in your user name and thus have to delete it, or back up only to re-type it correctly… I do that daily too! LOL

Cheers Darren!

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4 thoughts on “He’s tired of logging into stuff

  1. Opera? You and someone else i know of uses Opera. I use firefox and/or safari. Firefox is pretty good for storing passwords but even then some of the site i log in to I don’t allow firefox to rememeber.

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