It is only going to get better

18plus.jpgThe paragraph below describes my feelings today, and rather well I might say. Bridgett Walther must be reading my mind. In the least she is one heluva(n) astrologer.

For November 9: At first blush this morning, you might feel a bit woozy or out of your league. That blurry feeling passes pretty quickly. In fact, by mid morning, you’re back in the saddle and ready to declare yourself the new sheriff in town. Although that declaration might be a touch premature, your growing feelings of confidence are absolutely justified. You’re beginning to experience the glimmer of coming into your own power and worth. And just think: it’s only going to get better during the next couple weeks!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I never had so many people come by to say hi on my site before. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes.

As busy as I was online I was busy offline yesterday. My family called to wish me the best on the phone for an hour. A few friends came by on and off throughout the day to say Happy Birthday and bringing with them some cheer. My email inbox had some interesting e-greetings in it that made me laugh. And sadly… Eric and I were too pooped and fell asleep before we had a chance to…

On another note seeing as I am an adult of 33 years of age now. The other day I noticed over on girlspoke the other day an 18+ sign. I clicked it and was greeted with some terms and conditions. I am strongly leaning towards adding an 18+ sign to this site as well.

I am an adult. This site is written by an adult. Therefore it is an adult site.

I am woman. Hear me ROAR! write! 😉

I am open to discussion about this 18+ rating. What are your thoughts on the manner? Do you feel it is necessary or for that matter legally needed?

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7 thoughts on “It is only going to get better

  1. Yo.
    Whenever I feel that I write something that needs a warning, I do so beforehand. Most of my blog is good for all ages, but then again most kids wouldn’t really find it that interesting.

    For you blog, I don’t think you need it. 18+ is generally reserved if you have porn on your site, which you don’t. You have art.

  2. Just let me in please… I won’t tell my parents, k?

    OMG, what would I have to put up if you use 18+?
    60-? My blog tends to offend older readers. 😛

  3. Once when someone linked to my site they pointed out it was “NSFW”. Obviously true but very funny to see myself described that way. Regarding the 18+ thing… meh, I’m not that responsible. I assume everything on the net is unsafe unless explicitly told otherwise.

  4. I think if you decide it is correct to put the 18+ on your site, then do it. Would not stop me from reading your stuff. I think you touch reality so well that your posts are not just art for me. They are like fruit to the being. I too don’t really put anything smutty on my blog, but I do put notes on my links that I usually dont link to anyone under 18 and some of my bloggy buddys may be more adult in their choices of post interests. I don’t condemn anyone for swearing or showing a little skin as long as it does not exploit anyone. I get more upset with the folks who post political agressive stuff, than naked or four letter words. Keep on goin with your passions.

  5. franky – lmao!

    Just let me in please… I won’t tell my parents, k?

    Anytime 😉 I think my blog offends catholics, maybe. Don’t quote me on that one though. LOL

  6. Mr. Angry – I like the way you put that. Kind of like innocent until proven guilty then.

    Lynn – Yeah i have been bouncing back and forth on deciding what to do if anything at all. I think I may stick with the warning perhaps before a post.

    I get more upset with the folks who post political agressive stuff, than naked or four letter words. Keep on goin with your passions.

    Thanks sweetie :)

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