Rain Updated!!!

UPDATE – We are under a boil order here in Vancouver. Don’t drink the water!!! All hell broke loose yesterday here! An exceptionally strong gust of wind injured 1000 people in various parts of the Lower Mainland, including two of my boyfriends co-workers. One was blown off the roof at the contruction site, losing partial memory after a nasty bang to the head and the other may be on permanent disability. He is in surgery today. Both his ankles have serious compound fractures. My thaughts and prayers are with you both.

More from the CBC – Windstorm

I think TheWeatherNetwork just chucked that little sunshine into Monday to be polite about the torrents of rain that are soon to come. UPDATE – and are falling!

The local Vancouver Weather forcast.

Vancouver has been known to be soggy.

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4 thoughts on “Rain Updated!!!

  1. Look on the bright side – very little chance of enduring the water use restrictions afflicting the majority of this wide brown land. We’re actually getting some consistent this week which is good. It’s shaping up for a sunny weekend which puts me in a quandry – I was planning to do a lot of video work but don’t want to waste a sunny weekend. Choices, choices, choices.

  2. Tricia – thank you for the vote and the heads up.

    Mr Angry – video your weekend out in the sun! I’ve been enjoying your vids of this said brown land you inhabit.

  3. It’s been raining in Taiwan as well for a few days. I actually got totally drenched last night when I was out and didn’t bring a raincoat or an umbrella. I got off from work and headed into the city.

    No sun in Taiwan, just some more rain.

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