I am broken gobbly-gook or how I am learning what I can and can not do.

UPDATE – I’ve been having some programming along with some server issues. I believe all has been restored to a functioning order including the comment forms now. Behind the scenes, my blog has been coughing and spitting up ever since my upgrade to WordPress 2.05. I am adjusting the sidebar with widgets and that in itself has been trial and error. You may or may not see some changes over the next few days. I am really wishing I had a third column right now. To that end I am researching themes.

The below paragraphs were written on November 12, 2006.

My blog is broken. Or technorati is broken. My trackbacks or pings or whetever-you-call-them are not funtioning correctly. I only know if you link to me by chance for the most part. I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong and why these links do not show up in my comments or dashboard… bleck! This has been going on ever since I upgraded to 2.02 and chnaged my theme to the current one. A while. No one’s fault. Just frustrated.

I’ll be upgrading to 2.05. :) Rather one of my friends will be upgrading me to 2.05.
UPDATE – upgrade was completed last night with some minor technical difficulties.

End rant.

Begin new rant.

I need and RSS reader. It has not been until lately that I have realized their value. Sh@t! I’m off to hunt one down.

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10 thoughts on “I am broken gobbly-gook or how I am learning what I can and can not do.

  1. re: Techonrati: franky‘s right, it might just be Technorati.

    re: RSS reader: I use a Mac so for me its either NetNewsWire or NewsFire — the former is more powerful (my personal choice) and the latter has a more beautiful interface, probably quicker too. On PC I think FeedDemon is very good. And of course there’s always Google Reader.

  2. Oh you guys I know. It just makes me frustrated when i happen upon an older post from another blog that metnioned me and I didn’t know about :(.

    I’m on a mac Justin so i’ll check out those readers. I had set up Bloglines but find it confusing and haven’t looked at in weeks… a month? I’ll look into your recommendations. Thx :)

  3. Might try Yahoo Site Explorer To Check Your Backlinks. Much more reliable a touch slow at times but more reliable.

    Also for a feed reader, i totally recommend Google Reader, or their is a plugin that will toss a feed reader right inside your wordpress.

    :) Tata, off to explore more of your blog.

  4. Technorati is broken. Technorati. Does. Not. Work. It’s kinda useful for tracking new links, pings etc. but it drops links and re-picks them up at random. The variations I get day to day prove that, pure and simple, its figures aren’t reliable. But it’s still fun to check obsessively.

  5. I used to have enough time to check on all that shit before. Right now, I barely have enough time to write my posts and publish them on my blog. Maybe things will quiet down in the future.

    Though I am not complaining. Technorati… well. The rankings are fun.

  6. I also design theme 😉 You can have a look at my blog’s design or one I did for a friend of mine. I base most of them on a black and white minimalist look and feel. If you like anyone of the two, maybe I can even add your 3rd column to it. The code is clean and everything is easy to mod and change.

    Sometimes there’s some delay before the links appear in the wordpress admin’s section and other times you can even see them acting weird. I even had incoming links from blogs that linked to me a very long time ago but it’s appearing as a fresh link in the list.

    I would advise you to look for some service that might track your incoming and outgoing links. Even if they don’t appear as trackbacks you would still know who is linking recently. Then you could display this list along your sidebar. I have a friend who’s doing this, have a look at his sidebar under Recent referrals to know what I’m taking about. I don’t know whether he’s using a particular service or just a plugin but I’ll try to get some info from him.

    Hope that might help you 😉

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