5 thoughts on “Six Divided by One – drawing

  1. Hi Jessica!
    Thanks for the email. I’m doing ok. I just haven’t been in the mood to update my main blog anymore. I hardly got any comments and then my main pc fried and I can’t do anything with my blog so I just kind of abandoned it. LOL But I’ll be back. Sometime.

    I love your drawing! It looks like a cute bug. I wish I could draw like you. You know I always say that but it’s true! =)

    ps. Did you want to do a Christmas Card exchange? =)

  2. Ana – Hi! I would love to do a christmas card exchange with you. I will email you my secret address.

    I went or rather go through phases where I invent little night creatures for our dreams. They tend to resemble bugs quite often. Cute ones though. Can’t seem to draw an angry bug.

    I look forward to your return to bonitainpink.com but will keep my eye reading every now and then over on vox.

    Cheers sweetie.

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