Barefoot and picking carrots in the snow

01_snow_feet_jessicad.jpgThe world surrounding me is white, fluffy and icy. The trees are insulated against the approaching cold now. The ground had been warm before the snowstorm, causing ice sheets to form beneath the blanketed Lower Mainland. I have been laughing for two days strait, at the onslaught of a winter with snow. So fine to see the snow. This approaching February will mark four years since my arrival here from Saint John. I haven’t seen a snow-storm or crazy crazy weather like what we used receive back-east, until this past month of November began in Vancouver. I walked around outside in my bare-feet a few times this weekend picking *carrots to cook with supper. The 11 day long boil order for drinking water was lifted Sunday.

03_snow_deck_jessicad.jpg04_snow_deck_jessicad.jpgIt has been fun. I love Mother Nature. I get all excited when their is a storm to the point, where I can do nothing but stare at it, hypnotized by sound, movement and visual. The night sky was grey-violet, umber-orange with hints of a tarnished green reflected from electric man-made light.

The land is white and black with only a few shades of brown, a most-mossy green and cool grey in between, connecting three of four primal elements; air, water and earth. The element of fire could be the man-made light or life… or both?

Last night, I watched the news. I couldn’t believe it myself. I loath TV news broadcasts. More importantly, **Global News BC broadcast the how-to of living through a snow storm. It was a rather desperate production on their part, for they have forgotten perhaps, a quarter of the lower mainland originates from a more northerly climate and that we find this snow-fear hysterical. Seriously you will It’s snow – Not falling polished spheres of white granite stones. I can’t believe there was such a mix-up in school closures and openings. OMG people. HAHA ha!

Eric has NOT laughed all weekend at the advent of snow. He did barge into the bedroom Saturday afternoon telling me to “Go look, it’s snowing.” nudge nudge “It’s snowing – GO!” Hmm ah. With that, he darted out of the bedroom. I lay groggy. snow. Groggy. Snow. GROGGY. SAaa-now!!!! I opened my eyes peaking out between blinds not quite closed, recognizing that all familiar bright snow white light and smiled.

It is engrained in my psyche to experience four distinct seasons. My inner season (child :)) time-clock switched autumn to winter for the first time in three years this weekend. Have you ever lived somewhere else from where you were born where the climate was kind of the same but not? I couldn’t believe how much memory and familiarity I felt with the snow.

02_snow_deck_jessicad.jpgTo experience weather for 29 years in one area of the world and to all of a sudden experience it yet again, in an extreme of nature and manmade structures world from whence you came, is phenomenal. It really took my breath away two mornings ago when staring at the mountain peaks glistening orange on snow. Ten hours later the mountain snow-line fell down and covered the valley. To see snow fall on a such a grandiose scale… yay.

05_snow_deck_jessicad.jpgOn the News they also interviewed a kid about shovelling driveways in a neighbourhood. He got all excited saying he and his friends have cleared nine driveways pulling in 90 BUCKS thus far. My brother had been one industrious kid. He and his friends were not unlike the interviewee. They were one mean male snow shovelling team roaming the roads during the late eighties. They did well every snowfall, in which public School Cancellations were put into effect as a precaution to an approaching storm, one in progress or due to icing everywhere. In SJ we got a lot of ice. One year I remember figure skating on inch thick ice, frozen on top of a foot of snow in the adjoining backyards.

*I grow carrots in containers on a roof-top deck. Carrots can be left in the ground during the winter season. They can be harvested from your garden on an as needed basis. It is good practice to cut the long green stemmy leaves with out delay upon pulling the carrot from the ground. Cut off directly at the place of green-orange growth. The truth is all the nutrients from the carrot get sucked up and rapidly enter the greens. Really. If you plan to eat the tops great, as they are edible. The nutrition will be there. But if you don’t eat the tops, cut the greens off immediately. Same goes when buying; do not buy carrots with their top greens still attached unless you want to eat the parsley, coriander, luttucey tasting green tops to.

**I was unable to link directly to the video I watched which had appeared on TV earlier. Bad bad bad on their part for web friendliness. The videos are called Extreme Weather, Parts 1-3 and can be found somewhere in their video page here (Beware of noisy ads after that click).

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9 thoughts on “Barefoot and picking carrots in the snow

  1. I hear you can expect some more snow on Thursday too!
    I guess the ever shorts wearers are dumbfounded about the alternate wardrobe!
    Ontario has frost, but no snow. It is unusually mild here.

  2. LOL – tell me about it.

    I was speaking to my folks in New Brunswick and it is mild out there also. Enjoy your mild weather Lynn. January sometimes isn’t so nice in Central and Eastern parts of Canada. For some reason your comment went into my askimet spam filter. But I found it and took it out :) . This has been happening a little lately where Akismet is placing valid comments into it’s spam inbox. I have close to 400 in there from the last couple of days alone.

    Thursday more snow to play in – YAY!

  3. public transit is a NIGHTMARE in this weather… have you read my latest blog?

    how ya doin’ btw?


  4. ps – talked to my parents in ns last night… and it just so happens to be 16 degrees and sunny there… in NOVEMBER! what the…?!

  5. I got your email tiffany. :) We will get together soon for sure. Looks like all the snow is melting now but it’s still pretty and putting me in the Christmas spirit.

    As far as transit goes I wrote a post in July about waiting for the bus titled:

    Waiting for the Bus is an Artform

    You may ejoy it Tiffany 😉 cheers sweetie! I will be checking your blog today.

  6. It has been unusually warm here in Osaka. Doesn’t usually snow here but still unusually warm. I’m a bit scared about my visit to Canada in January. I don’t even have a winter coat anymore!

    My home town in the Okanagan apparently got a big dump of snow too. But it usually does :) My friends in Vancouver/Victoria however have been freaking out.

  7. If the weather holds until your visit which seems likely here in Vancouver it will be about 10ËšC. All the snow which fell has melted and it has been raining like it normally does here.

    I’m from New Brunswick and can remember many many big dumps of snow. Thanks for stoppping by and also for the review on your blog.


  8. Snow. I have been in Taiwan for about 3 months and I can say that I do not miss the snow of Quebec. I liked the snow, but it got pretty cold.

  9. We seem to be experiencing a HUGE windstorm right now. My heat went out. Dammit. Every now and then that happens. Although it is not freezing temperatures outside it still makes a for a cold day inside. It’s just my finders really that are feeling the cold. I suppose I could try typing with gloves… but no 😉

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