Hopper Awakenings – Drawing



Title –
Hopper Awakenings

Medium –
Red and black ink on acid free paper

Artists Statement –
The hopper is awake.
It is alert.
It knows.

Hopper Awakenings on Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Hopper Awakenings – Drawing

  1. I’ve been lurking about your site via RSS for a few months but felt brave enough to break through to mention that I adore your drawings. They have a whimsical, spontaneous feeling I really dig. Feels like good jazz and a cup of coffee in the morning. Kudos to you Jessica. You’re a talented artist.

    Now I’ll slip back to the shadows :)

  2. Amos thank you. I adore drawing. Many of my drawings are a way for me to communicate feelings that perhaps have no words. Over time the words eventually show themselves and I am able to write about them.

    Feels like good jazz and a cup of coffee in the morning.

    Wow. That makes me feel all warm inside. Glad to be apart of your mornings and thanks for being a part of mine and taking the time to comment here. :)

  3. My pleasure Jessica.

    There’s so many words in the word. I feel like I’m drowning in them sometimes. Spoken words, written words, there’s hardly a moment of silence or contemplation that we don’t rush to fill with words. It’s cool. Is what it is but I love drawings and art, for a lot of reasons, but for one because they aren’t words.

    They do something different to your brain. They’re quite, or loud, without making a sound. It’s nice when they exist on blogs and for that I thank you for sharing.

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