SpamArt 001 – WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE – is it stealing

I originally posted this Photoshop rendering on the Blog Herald. In the comments some copyright issues were discussed. Micheal Clark from PlanetMike wrote in:

Hopefully your sites privacy policy covers the fact that spam comments and information related to that spam comment may be publicly shared, or distributed IANAL (I am not a lawyer)

I quite honestly do not equate or give equal rights to spammers as actual commenter’s here on my blog. The image on the right took 8 screen captures to build the full length of this particular offense. Spam is not acceptable in my eyes.

spamArt Awakenings

A warning to all you spammers – You spam my blog, I’m gonna steal it!

I would urge other artists to steal it also. This could become an all out creative SpamArt war! :)


…and what do spammers actually get from Spamming – ooowooooho lets go spamming

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13 thoughts on “SpamArt 001 – WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE – is it stealing”

  1. Jessica, I think I’d have had about the same initial reaction you did to this.

    Up ’till tonight I have always skimmed through my entire Askimet spam box to make sure I don’t delete any legitimate comments. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected my personal blog and let the spam pile up and didn’t have the time to put my eyes on each one.

    I knew we were seeing ever larger numbers of spam comments. But I had no idea that they were individually getting bigger too! Holy Smokes!

  2. Chris – Funny eh? When I began scolling through them I couldn’t believe it. Lately, I have been getting roughly 60 to 70 spams daily to buy handbags. Spam are either long in length or a company attacks us by the sheer number of duplicate spam they send.

    Thank for stopping by Chris :)

  3. I love the idea of repurposing spam. I’ve seen spam poetry before which has a really haunting quality. I use it as fuel for anger on a recurring basis which is my way of countering their evil with creativity. Pretty much all comment spam is sent from zombie networks, not individual spammers clicking send so your chances of someone launching a spurious copyright claim agains you is zero. They’re not only indulgin in criminal behaviour, they don’t even know they’re doing it essentially.

  4. I was more worried about the public posting of the spammer/loser’s email and IP address. The comments themselves can be shared, the spammer gave you permission to share that by submitting it to your site.

  5. Interestingly I got hit by Bush myself last night. I blacklisted his IP address but apparently he has a friend named Bill too. :roll:

    I also found it interesting that my personal blog, which I haven’t posted on since 1 November got over 1000 spam comments since last night and during the same time my business blog, which gets about 10 times the traffic and had at least 1 post a day, got 5.

    I guess the spam you get has nothing to do with traffic or frequency of posting!

  6. Cool!
    Not only can I spam your inbox, now you even want to plaster my spam all over the internet! Just kidding 😉

    I really don’t bother about spam anymore, actually comment spam can have funny influence on Alexa ranking. I have an article about that coming up soon.

    And I really like the poster.

  7. hehe. I get about 20 a day at my work email. I don’t even know how they got it. But hey, if it had anything useful in it, I would steal it too!! 😀 Damn spammers *grumble*

  8. I go out of my way to publicize overly zealous spam received either in my Inbox or comments around my blog .. I think that’s just the best way to deal with it :) Call it a hobby!

    (that was an approval btw)

  9. Personally, just like Mr. Angry, I believe that all spammers should die!

    I delete all spam, I don’t check the spam if they are legitimate comments, I just can’t press the delete button fast enough.

    As for spammers and their rights, I don’t believe they have any! They spam! what’s worse?

    I like the idea of throwing the spam right back into their faces, but let’s be honest here, they are mostly bots. It is like using trash to make art, really cool.

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