A baby boy for Christmas

Merry Christmas Tomoko, Ian and little baby boy Kai ;)Two of my closest favorite friends have a new baby boy in their life today. Kai came into this world after only two hours of labour. Tomoko and Ian arrived at the hospital at 4:30AM. Tomoko was fully dilated! Wow! Kai was born at 6:30AM Pacific Standard Time. Kai weighs in at six pounds 11 ounces, is healthy, drinking lots of milk from mother and bears a striking resemblance to his father Ian. Mother and Baby are healthy and feeling good. Kai decided to pop out and say hi to the world a little early as he was not due until January 1, 2007.

Congratulations you guys! What a wonderful Christmas gift you both have braught into this world.

I love you 😉

Fat and Skinny Santa to the left was etched and later printed in 1993 by me.

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8 thoughts on “A baby boy for Christmas”

  1. Ha, Kai — what a cool name. Congrats to the new parents.
    Do you want kids someday, Jessica?
    I don’t know, since we are roughly the same age and apparently both unmarried (unattached, even?!), i was wondering what your stance was on the issue.
    Wishing you the best for 2007 and a joyeux Noël!

  2. wagonized – joyeux Noël á toi aussie! Children… well I just experienced a break-up with my 4 year long boyfriend. I think it may have been one of the causes for our breakup perhaps. It’s still very fresh in my mind as it just happened over the past week. Deep down inside I would like to have a child sometime. I’ll think on this a little more and write a post about it.

    I am 33. What is your age wagonized? I have cousins who didn’t have their first baby until the age of 40. I will commit to writing a post about this. I’d welcome some input from you also perhaps. Maybe it could be a dual post or something.

    Merry Christmas wagonized. Your drawings always bring a smile to my face. Cheers and thank you for the link to me. That was a sweet Christmas gift :) *hug*

  3. I actually don’t beleive they have a photosharing account… hmmm maybe :) I haven’t seen the baby yet. I got a phone call from mother in hospital the day of the birth for half hour. I can’t wait to meet him in person though.

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