Friday thirteen

Yule - jessica Doyle, 2006. Vancouver BC - eastvanesica1. Thirteen is a word. 13 is a number. They are both written in the Roman Alphabet. They can both be read using English recognition… except 13 is universally recognized as far as worldly understanding goes.

2. There is a Thursday Thirteen becoming widely popular in the blogosphere.

3. At thirteen you have 7 more teens left.

4. The number thirteen comprises of both the number one and the number three written in arithmetic.

5. At thirteen I forgot who I was. At nineteen I rediscovered myself. At one I knew. At twenty-six I spoke to the other side. At age thirty-three I will know, that you are reading this. :)

6. Thirteen of you will read this.

7. 13 X 7 = *

8. It is really hard right now to not go to a search box and type thirteen in it.

9. I typed 13 instead.

10. Thirteen of you blew out candles today.

11. Thirteen of you are wondering why.

12. Thirteen of you said no today.

13. Today is October 13, 2006. Thirteen of you are reading this today on October 13, 2019.

14. Today is December 22, 2006.

15. I initially wrote this post just over two months ago. I added number 14 and fifteen today after seeing it unposted in my dashboard. It is something you did not know about me and finishes out the cube or does it…

*image created using Flash and Illustrator in 2000
*I have chosen to not tag any others.

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