The penis. The vulva. A poem drawing – 13genitalia

As in the post, SpiderMaam can make me laugh, a penis can do other things.


The hands in the photograph holding that journal entry open are both my own.
13genitalia was created using a 005-Micron pen.
Photography credit – Darren

Another Blogger friend has posted recently about sex. Mr. Angry has a great post up discussing the vulva, hymen, religion, tradition and beliefs associated with such. The talk is open.

After a quick Google search it appears, 13genitalia is new. Nothing as far as Google is concerned and technorati for that matter has nothing on 13genitalia. It would be cool to link regular bloggers posts about genitalia that we all create from time to time and most of the time for some. Or, in the least, you are aware of someone who does, for those of you who believe, you don’t have those body parts. We don’t talk about sex, religion and about our beliefs enough in the real world. We are talking through blogging, and discovering we are not all that different from each other after all.

Have you posted about genitalia recently, even sometime in the past?
Write me ;)Email me your link with a short 2-3 sentence description of the post you wrote. I’ll read this and then, go to your blog and take a peak. I’ll post 13 Genitalia Blog Talk links here on this post *forever. If your link gets posted and if you would like to carry **this on, please feel free to do so and tag it with 13genitalia.

13 human emails or a comment below will work too.
The only rule is, I get to choose the 13genitalia links to appear in this post.
You get to choose what links appear in your post. :)

UPDATE – 13genitalia links

1. Deezone – Candy Girl Sex Dolls a personal account from Osaka, Japan.
2. Your link – keep reading on below 😉

*I hope to keep this blog alive.
**I guess this is a meme.

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SpiderMaam can make me laugh

SpiderMaam (aka tiffany) commented below leaving this link behind. We’ve been friends for close to three years now. We have our off and on days, weeks, monthes… but truly relationships are like that. Up and down and all around. As for the hooping; well one can only hope for a large erect penis to play with.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @

Thanks Tiffany. This image is still cracking me up. :)

WordPress 2.1 update in progress

UPDATE – Presently I am still at WP 2.05. :(

David Krug has offered to update my Blog software to WordPress 2.1. I accepted this offer. As I am a novice programmer and coder, learning to let go of this aspect of blogging thru letting others underneath the hood of the car to do what needs to be done, is a good thing. I am an artist of a different kind and we all need some help from time to time.

This Blog’s Theme will also be changed over the coming days. I have found a theme, I believe to be great. It needs some tweaks and jessica-ness added. These tweaks will allow you, the reader, to read from an 800 by 600 screen resolution upwards, easily and without a bottom scrollbar appearing in your browser of choice. And for those of you with higher resolution you will not see a whole screen of white (not that white space is a bad thing). I’ll write more on this once the WordPress update is completed over the next 24 hours. The jessica-ness will make it pretty for you.

Thank you David.

For Female Bloggers

Blogging Chicks Blogroll imageI received an email over the weekend from Michelle. My email application of membership has been approved for the Blogging Chicks Blogroll. Yay for women who blog. If you are interested in joining this blogroll, go and visit The Blogging Chicks Blog. I’m looking forward to discovering more female authored blogs.

As I wrote in Updating My Blog to Reflect I have joined an all female Blogroll which can be found on my links page.

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Updating this blog to reflect

I am currently updating my blog to reflect my values, interests and passions. The Blogs I Read list on the front page sidebar are Blogs and sites I read regularly; meaning I read them sometimes once or more per day or I read them once a week, a month… (usually multiple posts at a time this way) and I read them because I am inspired by the Bloggers who create there. If you enjoy what you read here consider visiting them too.

On the links page, I list the Blogs I Read again. Below them are Blogrolling links; linking this Blog to other Blogs that I have something in common with. We share a love of gardening. We share being Canadian. We are artists. We are female. I will continue to ad them because it is cool to see a Blogroll that shares a common interest with this blog. These Blogrolls are human edited. There is enough overlap of bloggers and readers to a certain Blogroll to ween out dead links and spam. Bloggers linking together this way gives you another approach to searching the Blogosphere naturally. Currently I only am linked through the, I am Canadian Blogroll.

I have installed Snap Preview on this Blog – Any link you hover above, you will see a preview of it, before you click out. This service is impressive. This service is free for Bloggers to use. It gives Internet users the ability to choose before clicking out. Snap Preview does not load if you happen to mouse over a link quickly but randomly (for me anyways), there is a tiny delay in load time. This is good for us. Only if you hover for a little larger smidgen of Internet-attention-span time will the preview begin to load.

Expect these links and Blogrolling links to be adjusted as my interests in the Blogosphere change. If you find your link removed please understand that it is in no way an attack on you personally. More than likely, I like to read your blog still, but need to calm the appearance of this Blog for my readers.

I am learning to adapt to using an RSS reader. You’ll probably find that I am subscribed to your blog instead. I am also learning about bookmarks using Delicious. I may install a delicious bookmarks link here.

This is part of my Blog housecleaning. I have strong interests in honesty, art creation and collaboration along with great creative writers. My offline and my online life co-exist. I am an artist. When things become unmanageable in either, one must stop, look inside herself and begin anew learning from both the good and not so good experiences that previously occurred. As with my deck garden I am clearing away debris from both my household and blog.

I am feeling well today. I am looking forward to learning again. February is just around the corner. May it be a month of honest reflection, sanctuary and sharing.

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Could you be the one – Rommate Wanted

UPDATE – Coming in February – Joy!. We will be roommates. :D. Spencer found a place on Salt Spring Island and the other female didn’t call me back. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Having a roommate named Joy is simply Happy Happy Joy Joy!

At this moment I am playing the rental housing real estate game in Vancouver. Interesting to say the least. I am taking the Craigslist approach of looking. Thus far since posting I have shown the place once and am meeting another possible female roommate tomorrow afternoon. Earlier yesterday I met a friend of a friend’s. Could be ok except for the amount of TV she watches after work. I have had the cable disconnected. The female part (below in ad) is up for discussion as today I met a Spencer. We met at a café first, spoke for a bit, shared our computer knowledge and love for all things green and human (environment). Our interests seem to overlap and compliment eachother. We travelled back here so he could see the place. All seems well. I will hear back from him and also the friend’s friend (Joy) tomorrow.

05_snow_deck_jessicad.jpgLOL – told them I blog.
Joy was already familiar with it.
And it didn’t scare her off.
Wonder what Spencer thinks?

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The Process – 513 days

Cleansing the mind of mental madness is normal human activity. When the dots run out it’s time to jump; land elsewhere. Things unspoken become clearer. You can visualize remembering both good and not so good again. And this is OK. Interacting with those feelings, one needs become fearless for instants, seeking the other side. How did you look while he was looking at you looking at him.

In time, I find this becomes possible. You begin to feel the anger. Then the ahn yah breath. Finally, it bursts. The lapse pre-burst time could be days, minutes, even years. Does it get easier I asked myself. No I answer. But the mental state of mind increases in size, categorizing knowledge, post-burst. And life begins anew.

Today I have been clean of GHB for 513 days.
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Suggestive conspiracies and chimes – are they real

Try hugs not drugs button campaign – the teachers walked around putting their arms between the grades 4-5 students as they danced, abruptly nudging either sober 8-10 year old gender an arm’s length apart from each-other. Ecstasy is mainstream now. Try drugs for hugs.

Pacman – eat as many as you can

Blue and red striped bounce ball – given to school age children to play with in the early eighties. Pepsi connection?
Pepsi = is pep

People who believe that they are not succumb to advertising only need think back upon their childhood. Church, government and third generation corporations are currently commencing their forth, 20-30 year stint together. 😉

Widgets Lab played the ding ding ding N.B.C. a-ling to me. I went back and checked again and there it chimed once more. Sound pollution advertising. I won’t be returning. I don’t care who owns you. Repetitive jingles without user choice installed. Not.

UPDATE – Thank you Derek for changing the Gabbly chat window (causing the chime) to inCirles which has no sound.
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