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Northern VoiceNorthern Voice was the first organized blogging conference that took place in Canada in 2005. In it’s third year, this year, it will run from February 23-24, in Vancouver, over two days at UBC.

One of the organizer’s of Northern Voice, Darren Barefoot, has posted Great Tips on Organizing a Community Technology Conference

…That said, I think a lot of people find event planning really challenging. Consider, for example, all of the drama, trauma and infrastructure that surrounds planning something pretty straightforward and often rote–a wedding.

Northern Voice is also awarding six travel bursaries to help offset the cost for Bloggers travelling to Vancouver for the conference from elsewhere.

To apply, write a blog post, or record a podcast or video blog post describing why you want to come to Northern Voice. Then submit it via our travel bursaries page.

Over on The Blogging Times you can read my Moose Hunting Story that acoompanied the conference announcement there. I am pre-registered and have payed to attend. Hope to meet some of you. I am excited as I am nervous (in a good way) to meet, share and learn from other bloggers in physical form.

Go Get Your Moose On!

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  1. Thanks for the pluggage, and for writing that great article for the Blogging Times. Looking forward to meeting you at the conference.

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